Live Event Feedback: Lucky Clash

So why did Angel NPCs get left out of this one?


so end reward is a “Garment container” ? are you guys really going to give us clothing
right after removing captains quarters???

PS: are you guys sure that you put the right stats on that battleship spawn? cuase im sure that was more of a cruiser or something.


I just did 7 of those sites in a row and all times i got I and II Agency Armor booster
all 7 sites just a barghest battleship NPC spawned,anyone had better luck?

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Remember the Blood Raider event? Now that was an event!


Scalable challenges is something I’d love to see, and this “daily” timer definitely has to go. We don’t want to play wow.

As for current event, the “casino” site provides 0 challenge even in a frigate and drop is… meh compared to the Drone event (but useful).

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During celebrations around the finals of Alliance Tournament XV, the Independent Gaming Commission have found themselves under attack by a mercenary organization identifying themselves as the Redtail Sharks.

Capsuleers from across the cluster are being recruited to defend their casino installations in various locations around New Eden from this new threat, with various rewards offered for ensuring that aggressive Redtail Shark patrols that pose danger to the IGC’s business interests are eliminated.

Given the issues surrounding casinos in the last two years… how do we get in on attacking the IGC’s assets?

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Ok, some things just aren’t doable… Especially if this is to appeal to Newbies.
How about a simple ‘can fly T3 Cruiser’ (Y/N) Determination before assigning tasks?

Rewards are pretty Laughable so far, I’ll try again in 23 Hours, and see what I think then.

But, thanks for trying something new.



No seriously, why again are the dronelands out of the quests? last time it was changed from “XXX pirate ships” to “any pirate ship” in the end and we’re now back at half content for the dronelands.

Also, please reset the quest on downtime, not 2X hours after you did it, it makes for flexibility.

Those details make the event even less attractive to a bunch of people.


Results of 13 Lucky Clashes so far:

  • 6x Agency Tank Booster I
  • 4x Agency Tank Booster II
  • 2x Agency Tank Booster III
  • 1x PLEX


Every site is just a single battleship 20k bounty battleship, warps in at most about 20km from you. Zero variation on that front. Dies in a few vollies to HAMgu.

Calling this an ‘event’ is a pretty big stretch, IMO.


Also, the battleship fires scourge cruise, and usually starts webbing around 10km. It warps in right after you land on grid, attacking you immediately. If someone starts the encounter but runs away, the battleship will eventually warp off, ending the site. Not sure how long it takes for that happen as I’ve only seen it once so far.

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Will try it soonish when I get home by the looks and comments so far it looks like alpha thing really and that would be fine if ccp promote it as such.

Ppl would probably complain less AND demand better content for non alpha pilots.

Still think that events should contain two tiers alpha that is locked behind aceleration gates and higher tier sites that are gateless.

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You haven’t been around MMORPGs long have you? I can think of a few MMOs that are currently in operation that have failed with events.

I have complaint about uninspiring image of a blue nebula as a background for the event window. Couldnt there be spaceships? Planets? Stations? Stars? Explosions?


I need some clarification. This event and the last one are your idea of a belated April Fool’s joke…


I mean really, the agency event was utter 0/10 TRASH.
And this one, is also utter TRASH.

Did you guys fire all but one of the staff who make these things? Or did they just want a few easy paychecks while they smoked joints and ate doritos?

Look, to be at least partly constructive: Drop the crap interface, drop the agency nonsense, bring these events back to the days of the first few (Blood raider event etc). Those were fun, somewhat engaging, and long enough in terms of time-to-clear to merit PvP hunting and high-sec can-flip content.

But stop getting carried away with this “Agency” thing. Or at the very least make the event WORTH GRINDING OUT. No one is even slightly interested in these (Offensively worthless) reward milestones, and no one wants to feel like they are completing “Event Objectives” which just feel like re-branded DAILY QUESTS.


Easy ( no dificult at all ) , non lucrative ( shit reward ) and repetitive ( 1 BS and thats all ). Lucky Clash = fail


I hope the garment container is a dedicated clothing container. Would finally give me a proper place to put clothes that i will likely never use.


Looked at the rewards, thought, what a waste of time. Tank boosters? If I didn’t have enough tank to do the sites to begin with, why am I doing them at all?

I cannot see the reasoning behind this whatsoever…

A little story:
I do exploration in a Phantasm. And see an event-site in a system, where nobody is. So I got curious. A Barghest. Hm. That could be interesting. Well, it was laughable. It exploded quite too fast. Oh. A useless Booster and 20k bounty. Nothing else. Oh, well…

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Wait, what garmet ?

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Hmm, can you point the battleship so it can’t warp off?