Event Feedback - 13 Days Of EVE


Please use this thread for event feedback!

This year, the December release sees the kickoff of the 13 days of EVE, where pilots will recieve gifts for consecutive days of activity in New Eden between December 11th and 28th.

Be sure to log in as either an Alpha or Omega pilots during this 18 days window and your days of activity will stack to earn you rewards during the 18 days of EVE.

If you’re an Alpha pilot, you can upgrade at any point during the 18 days to also unlock all the omega rewards accrued for your days of activity!

Alpha Pilots

During the 13 days of EVE, Alpha pilots will be able to earn all new facial augmentations, Ice Cloud Investigator SKINs for the Apotheosis and Sunesis, a Calm Abyssal Filament Crate, Frostline Explorations suits, faction ammunition crates and 50,000 free skillpoints!

Omega Pilots

In addition to all the Alpha pilot rewards, those with Omega clones will be able to claim additional Ice Cloud Investigator SKINs for the Praxis and Gnosis, more facial augmentations and additional faction ammo crates, as well as all new boosters, an additional 150,000 skillpoints, and an ‘Absolute’ injection Augmentor booster, which expires early in the new year, but in the meantime, allows the pilot who consumes it to utilize three skill injectors with zero diminishing effects!


Your feedback is super important to make events and gifts like this even better in future. If you’ve got comments, questions or feedback regarding the 13 Days of EVE, be sure to comment in this thread, and we’ll take a look at what you guys think and improve future events based on community feedback!

Just remember to keep it civil and constructive!



Yay. Faction ammo that doesn’t come from player activity. What was this about the promise that all things come from player interaction?

Furthermore, that huge window on client startup that covers all your characters is extremely invasive and blocks you from logging into a character. You can’t even remove it with ESC. What was this about “as non-invasive as possible” during EVE Vegas?
Why us there such a huge window covering all the characters, which goes completely against what that CCP person at Vegas stated, when a tool tip with the currently available 2 rewards coming from the Dailies icon would be more then enough, a whole lot less invasive and give you more options to interact with if you want to seem more?

Furthermore still: Why can’t I put multiple items from the redeeming screen bottom menu into a character and instead still have to do it individual item by individual item?

All in all: Another case of #CCPQualityCoding

At least you can get most of the goodies without having to log in every day. That’s at least a sensible approach.


Will you be able to use more than one “Absolute” booster during the valid period, to inject more than 3 injectors without penalties, or is the 3 times “absolute” for the event?

My feedback: I don’t like the combination of super valuable items with a daily login requirement.

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Does Biology V indeed have a negative effect here / can pilots consume as many of those as they want , one after the other?

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Thank you CCP!

Merry Christmas


The unique & limited items like SKINs, skillpoints, garment and accelerators are great :slight_smile: Ammo…not necessary.

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Just posting to counter balance the negativity. Thanks for the items, and here’s hoping the injector is non-transferable otherwise the tears shall flow.

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Hi CCP folks,

I think you guys are on the right track with this. As a more recent player to Eve, these login items give us another great reason to look forward to entering the game day in and day out.

The Injection augmentor booster seems useful for sure.

And we do appreciate the skill points and anything that speeds up the skill points gain/wait time as it is often the most tedious (and least interesting) part of the character.

It allows us to dive faster into action with the ships and gear we want to use.

I definitely say keep up the great work and new ideas.


@CCP_Falcon could you elaborate how exactly the ‘Absolute’ Injection Augmentor works? while this post and past booster functionality makes me assume the injectors have to be consumed while the booster is active, the item description only states that the three injections following a booster activation are penaltyless with no time limit on when to use these injectors.

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Why are rewards showed? I think better is to receive presents that you dont know what they are.

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The “Absolute” injector augmentor tosses the original concept sold to players during the “summer of rage:” that skill injectors and their diminishing returns were intended to be a new way for new players to catch up to older ones. But with this, injectors allow older players to cement their skillpoint supremacy.

CCP, you didn’t need to go to this extreme to encourage logins. The rest of the holiday gifts excluding skillpoints are all fun things.

Even the “Arms Race” ship give-away event was not too terrible, the glut of battleships encouraged some Raven fleets to explode gloriously in nullsec, and didn’t take too long to wash out of the system. It definitely encouraged my logins :slight_smile:

The faction standings booster is a great idea: combined with the faction ammo sampler crate, that would have been an excellent alternative gift to encourage 13 days of logins.

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Thanks you for the free items to make the holidays more fun! I like free stuff.


Thank you for the freebies and Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


I upgraded to Omega under the impression that I could claim the Icecloud Praxis skin, and have not been able to do so. I got the Alpha gift, but not the one I’m paying money for…

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Generally those gifts are for people who had be active for the last XX days, if you upgraded only a couple of days ago you are not entitled for omega gifts.

Could you please link your post that whines about the ships given on the 15th anniversary. Or did you even whine about that at all?

Doesn’t on my computer. Get a better computer.

Can did what Bob said can?


Press claim. Log in. Press Alt + Y. Get stuff.

Too hard or do you want it coded in crayon?

its a traders dream to get some new free items to trade in game

Previous 2 day gift system worked the same way. To ensure people would not be caught without Omega, the start day and the 12 following were announced in advance. There was a requirment to have been omega for x days before. But it is possivble you might get the rest of the items as you can petition the items by simply stating the email they sent out (which as usual in CCP communications has a totally different description of the reward requirments). My omega was running ou around the 14th or so and I added a month just in case. Because I like to think ahead.

Maybe you can put a buy offer in Jita, last time I checked the buy orders were around 10 ISK per skin.

Those ships are special edition ships that were never possible to be produced otherwise than from these event or mystery code boxes. Faction ammunition is very different from that. Learn to distinguish.

I have a 1080p screen. That’s standard these days.

No, I want to pull multiple items from the character selection screen into the characters. Which seems to be to hard to code by the looks of it.