Event Feedback - 13 Days Of EVE

A question - do you have to Redeem a Day’s gift before the next Day opens?

Logged in yesterday and triggered Day 1. Left it. Then logged in today to find Day 2 was still closed.

Redeemed the Day 1 gift but Day 2 stayed shut. Plus, it tells me that 16/18 days are now left anyway.

Restarted game, and it has stayed this way. Is this supposed to happen ie actually redeem the gifts or you effectively lose a log-in day until you do?

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I think ahead to 2023. Then its end of the world so whateva.

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Judging by when you posted this you did it prior to downtime, which is what i assume triggers the next gift, did you try logging in again after DT

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You’ll be able to claim the praxis skin once you qualify for it by meeting the required number of daily logins, gifts have to be earned in order

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hmmm good point but at the same time I kinda like knowing what i’m clicking on these days : )

Thank you CCP and Merry Xmas! :gift:

Does anyone know how long you have to actually redeem the items to your inventory after you claim them? I mean, is there an expiration date for redeeming all the items?


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At the login screen (characters screen) open the redeem tab and you will see the expiration date for each item.

Same thing happened to me. Tried restarting the game after it started back up a couple of times. Is there a fix for this?

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Supersonic SC-1311 - 13" LED TV - 1080p - Black

Maybe get a bigger one?

Witty, but a fail. Inches don’t matter with the same resolution. Learn tech before you troll.

Its not the size, its how you use it.

@CCP_Falcon Please elaborate on the Absolute Injection AugmentorHangover Period” that says that can last “up to 32h” in the ingame description. Does that mean we will be able to reduce the hangover? Would Neurotoxin skills work to cut it to 16h?

Does someone know how many of these holiday boosters can actually be used during their shelf life?

He, nice. Amarr really gets the good one on the navy ammo package. Got 8M isk from selling the 16 crystals. My caldari char, on the other hand, got barely 700k ISK out of their useless ammo. :smile: A tip for CCP: Navy crystals shoot 4000 shots. Looking forward to the large ammo crate.

What’s the rubbish with the 3 clicks, though? Open that stupid ammo crate with one click like it all the other crates.

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I was really hoping for some missiles. :cry:

You can get some missile BPCs from my giveaway. You have to manufacture them yourself but better than nothing and you will have personal involvement with those specific missiles. (Just look up my profile here on the forums and look for my threads I have started.)

As a form of “roleplay” you can pretend when you manufacture them you also paint a slogan on them like “eat this” or whatever, might even paint some jaws on them as well or other decorations, will feel even better killing rats or other players with them than usual. :slight_smile:

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Because it works like any other combat booster, You can only make it last longer - with higher biology skill. Up to 32h at biology 5. The duration is not set up as a “side effect”, so it won’t be reduced by the other drug skills.

Thanks for the offer but I’m actually swimming in missiles. They’re painted with our Corporate slogan #2, “Leave nothing but missile trails”. I just wanted some freebies for Christmas. :slight_smile:

you should do more advertising of your event because i missed the start of the event by 3 days, so now, i cant get the valuable end reward… very sad…

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CCP, thanks for the time you took to create the event and the items you are gifting.

I think that it’s a good event to get more people logging in, but I wonder about the utility of some of the items. Personally, I am not too fond of the augmentations. Are these a popular item in EVE?


I’d really like more information on the limitation of the Absolute Injection Augmentor. If these can be traded and a single toon can use many of them, being rich will mean instant access to flying super caps.