Concerns about the new penalty-free SP booster (13 day event)

Yeah so if they are 700m, everyone with less than like 50m sp won’t use it because they would gain an extra 300k, and they could use the same money to just buy a fourth skill injector and get 400k… so a lot of people would sell them not use them.

exactly, thats why I suspect that 700m or so is going to be the max price they are likely to sell for. since the sub 50m SP also happens to be where most peoples utility alts fall, if it drops too far below 700m then null-seccers may actually start using them in order to inject up utility alts, rorquals etc, which will increase demand. although, supply and demand is rarely that simple if past events are anything to go by they very well could crash as low as a couple hundred.

Yeah that makes sense, if they fall to like 500m, the low sp users will use them, which would simply make the price rise to 700m.

So really, the value of this booster will be based on the value of a skill injector, we are estimating at 700m NOW, but wouldn’t there be a shortage of skill injectors if a ton of people, who previously didn’t use them, started spamming hundreds per character?

Yeah true. I don’t have all the Triglavian Skills to V yet, so I’ll probably use my booster for that. I do have quite a lot of Weapon Specs to train from 4 to 5, but I’m okay with acquiring those with time.

Other things I could train, but it’s always better to get a new char for all these specific roles. Maybe this is a good opportunity for some 50-80m alts, to acquire a 2nd or 3rd specialized role, if it combines well with the skills they already have.

I guess there will be some guys who tought about maxing out their skills and never really saw the sense it it, doing it now when they can have it much cheaper. The ones who really wanted it, have already done it anyway.

Not really. First of all, you have the cooldown timer of the booster, which means they can’t just inject tons of injectors in one go. Then, there is more than enough supply at hand and if the price is right, people will sell their SP like there is no tomorrow.

Every time something like this is introduced there is rampant speculation instead of common sense.

What will happen is what always happens. People will farm a ■■■■ ton of the things and then they will barely be able to give them away after the first day or two.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

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This item should definitely not be tradable.

Small calculation for those who don’t understand the problem:

  • It costs about 1.8B to plex a char for 1 month.
  • During that time that char will produce enough skillpoints for 3 large skill injectors, which yields you a net income of about 1.4B per month per char.
  • The booster turns a single large skill injector into about 3 for an older char, so the booster is worth 2 large skill injectors, so about 1.7B.

This means each single char you can afford to plex for a month this month will yield you a net total of about 1.2B isk.

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Yeah… it won’t. I don’t see there being nearly enough demand for all these penalty-removing boosters. In fact, they will be so over-supplied with thousands hitting the market in the same day or two, I will bet they will sell for sub-100 million, if that.

As a small-time skill farmer I hope I am wrong and can make many billions for just logging in 13 times, but I am definitely not counting on it. There is just going to be way too much supply for a limited-time item to be worth much.


Assuming the booster costs zero and large skill injectors cost 1b, it will be theoretically possible for an older (80m+) character to inject 30m SP into your head for the cost of 60b. There’s a 14-day window for the booster x 24 hours/day / 16-hour booster duration after extracting Biology (reduce it to 0) = 21 uses, call it 20 uses as a round number.

Using the booster 20 times to consume 60 injectors is 30m SP for 60b isk. After Jan 7, you will need 200 injectors or 200b isk to do the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if some wealthy players, perhaps just a few, indifferent to the 60b cost, add 30m SP to their already powerful characters just to “top off” those capital ship skills.

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Well, provided the accounts you are plexing have enough SP to actually use a skill extractor.

It’s not like you can just create 30 new accounts.

You are probably not aware of how many null-sec people have way too much money and way too less skill points. Those people inject skill boosters on a regular basis and are just waiting for such an opportunity. In response prices are already climbing. I estimate that skill boosters will go past 1B at the beginning of January, when everyone realizes that the tripple-booster is limited till the 7th of Jan.

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So is the idiot in the White House who speaks like this

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I think it is too uncertain what the demand for these boosters will be. What can be done is decide on different scenarios depending on market prices.
If the demand is high enough, I will sell them. Otherwise I will strip SP from alts and boost my SP.
It all depends on the various market values (extractors, injectors and boosters)

You don’t seem to grasp how many skill farmers and normal players who have no use for these penalty-reducing boosters. These things will be in massive excess and not worth very much.

Skill Injectors on the other hand might increase some in value. The speculators have already pushed it up some, but I doubt we cross a billion. Still, injectors aren’t being handed out for free so increased consumption and limited supply could increase prices temporarily.

Skill Injectors would be a much better investment than these boosters, in my opinion, although you should have loaded up last week.

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The really hot item has turned out to be the faction standings booster booster. More ideas like this to encourage logins, and less of giving older players new ways to surge further ahead of newer ones in the skillpoint race. (I wrote more about this in the official thread. @ISD consider merging this thread into that one.)

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That’s what I did. :smiley:


Not to mention that the recent price increase has as much to do with sp farmers holding their injectors as it does standard speculation. Myself and every other sp farmer I know have been stockpiling rather than selling since the news came out. Which means not only will the regular speculators be dumping stock back on the market. But if the prices get substantially higher so will all the farmers.

Sorry if I’m reviving a dead thread, but I thought I would offer a data point / point-of-view from how an 80+ mil SP player thinks.

I just checked prices on Jita for a large skill injector, and it comes to 840 million. So - to capitalize on the benefit of this booster, I need to purchase 2.5 billion in large skill injectors. I then get a bonus of (500k - 150k) * 3 = 1,050,000 SP. (Remember - I would already get 150k from using a large skill injector normally, so I’m really only benefiting 350k SP per use, up to 3 uses.)

If I train optimally, I gain 2 million SP / month. If I train as sub-optimally as possible, I gain about 1.3 million a month.

So the key question I ask myself is, “Do I want to get 2-3 weeks worth of training, RIGHT NOW, in exchange for 2.5 billion ISK?”

The answer in my personal case is an easy “No.” There’s no skill or skill tree that I’m dying to access right now. Primarily because, as others have stated, with so many SP, I’ve pretty much trained into all the areas I’m interested in.

I don’t think there’s going to be as much of a problem as the OP was concerned about. It’s a neat perk, and I’m not complaining about it. It’s just that the math, in my own case, makes the booster a don’t-use proposition. I’m headed over to the market now to see what I can unload this bad-boy for…

EDIT: Yup - these things have flooded the market. I see no concern. Current price is about 60 million, and there’s even an opportunity for arbitrage on one unit as I write this.

And here I had hoped to make billions of ISK for absolutely no effort. You lied to me OP. YOU LIED TO ME. For shame!


I for one am quite glad I was able to benefit from OP’s market manipulation attempt. logged on the second the servers came up on day 13, dumped all 15 of my augmentors on the market at 500m each, had them bought up instantly by speculators, and then slept like a baby on my cool 7.5b :smiley:


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