Dawn Of Liberation Event Feedback Thread

We’re happy to announce that with the arrival of the July release, the Dawn Of Liberation event is now live.

Please use this thread for event feedback.

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Skins are pretty sweet this event, same with last event.

Also, first.


Nice concept.

I like the combination of Data Site, fighting NPCs or Players and having a specific task with filling the Hauler. There is some variety in that and it rewards actual activity rather than semi-afk clicking. That’s nice. Also it looks like the valueable rewards, like SKINs, Boosters and Accelerators, don’t drop overly much, so they hopefully keep being a reward for players who start late.

One thing that I don’t like is how every Data container is pretty much the same. Same difficulty, same loot (Special Edition Item + Freed Slaves) and even more or less same amount of Slaves. Until now I haven’t seen a Data Container that gives any “real” loot. It would have been nice to see some variety here as well. Maybe harder to hack containers, who give you more Freed Slaves and who have a small chance of dropping some of the other stuff as well.
This would also act against the moments when you finish a site and don’t get any reward because you haven’t checked if you need to still wait for the Agency Timer to finish.

The SKINs are pretty, but I’m not sure wether their Capital version in the NES are pretty enough for the pricetag. Could just be my personal taste vs. willingness of investment though.

Overall a very promising Event, I like the direction this is going.

Technical Issues:

  • killing the Bestower and looting Freed Slave is not always counted for the Agency Task “Break the Chain”

One hint for hunters: site runners will nearly insta-warp off once there are NPCs in the site, because they will have multiple webs from NPC frigates on them.


Why do all the SKINs look like someone hosed these ships down with French’s™ Yellow Mustard? Honestly, these SKINs are… whyyyyy???

I know you’re all away for the summer, but…


This looks like someone put way too much mustard and ketchup on a burger, and then puked.

The Rupture, Scythe, Typhoon, Rifter, Bellicose, Vigil, all of the hulls derived from them… they all look like you just dipped them in mustard!

Here you go, here’s your new Event Pigment:


I like mustard. :drooling_face:


Gotta agree with Arrendis here. It’s nice to get new Minmatar skins but whoever in your office thinks that CATerpillar Yellow is a good colourscheme for Minmatar ships… Just… Please don’t. And please don’t opt for John Deere Green next. We had discussions in-game that if the colours were the other way around, it would have probably been more tolerable - earthy red with yellow highlights, instead of Magic Murder Schoolbus. Well, obviously this one is up to personal tastes.

Overall, the event is standard fare for these kind of events. It’s not particularly interesting or rewarding gameplay wise once you figure out how to do them. I’m mainly grinding it for roleplaying reasons myself, and considering the very unreliable semi-valuable drops (the boosters, mainly) from the site and lack of bounties, other than to do virtual good deeds, there’s not much to entice people to do it.

Would be interesting if you track how many of the slaves were collected and freed during the event, to give people at least something to aspire to - and release this information in a news item or something. Doesn’t have to be IC, even, and probably better if it isn’t.

Well, for the event site itself, something to think about would be the hauler and the amount of slaves in each site - a hauler can only hold 400 but you can loot closer to or more than 800. I understand that this is to leave stuff to loot for other players as well, but that still leaves people with holds full of freed slaves jumping around dumping slaves into other event site haulers. So there should be enough space or two haulers to fit the freed slaves in a given site.

Finally, not to be entirely negative, I do immensely enjoy the flavour items found in the containers and the flavour descriptions of the event rats. I love anything lore related, particularly Minmatar lore, and as such, this event does tickle my pleasure centers more than most similar events. Good job whoever came up with the fluff pieces! :+1:


Honestly, if this were a persistent thing, that could be even better. I mean, the Republic should be trying to do this all the time. Minmatar capsuleers (and anyone else taking missions from Matari agents) have been actively fighting slave-raids for over a decade. Even if the Republic accepts the official line from the Empire that there’s no sanctioned slave-raiding going on (and ignores the thousands of Imperial Navy ships destroyed deep in Republic high-sec doing exactly that every month), there’s clearly a hell of a lot of ‘unsanctioned’ raiding going on for the black market in the Empire and Angel space.

A news ticker (similar to the market ticker) along the bottom of billboards in/on citadels and the upcoming ‘propaganda structures’ could deliver things like monthly liberation totals. The ongoing efforts could stir up more conflict (and under limited circumstances, cooperation vs the Angels) between the player militias of the TLF and 24th IC.

There’s a lot that can give this event more power to draw players in… but more than that, this is not something that should be going on for 2 weeks. This is literally the life’s work of millions of Minmatar NPCs, and over a decade of time invested in doing exactly this by a number of Minmatar capsuleers. It should be persistent and it should be ongoing.


Spend two and a half hour running sites today in my Machariel. Made it to silver crate (320 points). The combination of hacking and rats is nice, but too easy and repetitive. Grinding is OK if the reward is OK too, but the loot is crap. Got 6 basics and 1 improved plus skins. From the crates I got another basic, 1 extended and 2 skins. The skins are ugly.

I get the impression the rewards get worse from event to event. Those basic accelerators are just an insult. Also I miss a more challenging signature version.


Oh, definetly! But I’m not holding my breath for it.

Totally agree. If not two haulers in a site, Tribal Liberation Force should have a “buy order” for Freed Slaves, to compensate capsuleers for “travel/transport expenses.” (The ‘GurEaster’ event offered a buy-back for Compressed Capsule Shells. But the Republic is poor and freed slaves shouldn’t dominate the loot value. Just a token amount, 100-200 isk.)


The event is decent. Sure, There are things to improve upon but it is worth running (somewhat) compared to the Grand Prix event last month. The gap in rewards from silver tier to Gold tier should be filled by something, even if its more frig or cruiser crates. Right now it just looks awkward, but at least you get site loot if you kill the battleship.

Another thing is you can easily close these sites off from players without combat probes. If you drop the 400 slaves off with the industrial NPC in immediately as you land in a desirable site. The beacon disappears soon-ish and allows you isolation. I can’t imagine this being a particularly desirable trait in an event site. After the hauler warps off you can still access all cans and spawn battleships. The only drawback is if the battleship is currently spawned, triggering the hauler will also trigger the loot NPC to warp off. That previous mechanic open up non-interactive griefing opportunities.


OK, I’ve run several sites and got to about 200 points. Here’s some general thoughts.

The good
I like the addition of the hacking. Adds another element, forces engagement, and gets away from AFK swarming. It also forces some adjustment in ships to have the analyzer which can impact some players depending on their skills

Respawn rate is decent, and Agency points are fairly generous.

The Neutral
Limiting the space in which the sites spawn get people to move around a bit, but might be a bit of a hassle depending on where players are. This could have been a good opportunity to mention Jump Clones to newer players to get people to set up bases in places that they don’t normally play.

The single hauler thing is weird. I’m sitting on a couple thousand slaves in my hangar and hope that I get to do something with them.

The fact that the beacon disappears with the hauler is a bit odd, but given the length of time it takes to hack all the cans, this is sort of a wash for me. Still, it becomes something of an instanced site- though it does make up for having to hack all of the cans to get the site to despawn. Speaking of which…

The not so great
There are a LOT of cans to hack to get 2 spawns. That eats up a ton of time and since the cans don’t really contain anything worthwhile after the hauler is full, it feels like a bit of a grindy waste of time to hack through them to get both spawns. The novelty of the hacking quickly becomes irritating. Halving the number of cans feels like a decent balance to me.

The loot tables need serious tweaking. I can chalk it up to bad rolls and first day tables, but I wound up with very little in loot- 1 skin, 1 basic accelerator, and a few Tier 1 Agency boosters. And metal scraps and lots of slaves who I guess are raving it up in my hangar with some Quafe and Long-Limbed Roes.

Given the time that it can take to get through the cans, this quickly makes it a pretty unprofitable event with the drops that I got.

Cool concept for an event, mixing hacking and combat- adds some texture.
Some tweaking needs to be done to the site behavior and what to do with the haulers.
Improve the loot drops to make up for the extra time that the sites take due to the hacking.


I’m sure it is ongoing well beyond 2 weeks…

for the NPCs.

It’s just that we get to take part for only 2 weeks. :::shrugs:::

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Because the good skins of the event are only available in the NES. What did you expect? CCP agrees wholeheartedly with those crowds who agree that CCP needs to generate revenue at all cost. :slight_smile:

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Still waiting for the “duct tape” and “rustmatic” Minmatar SKINs


Sorry to say, but this event was supposed to free our brothers and sisters from slavery.
Instead, I see a lot of capsuleers just jettisoning the “Rescued” slaves, and leaving them to die.
Some even sell them back into slavery.
I have to wonder if this is intentional or not. My people deserve better than this.
Only a fraction of the slaves “rescued” is actually being freed. The rest must face a terrible faith, starving or suffocating in jet-cans.

What is going on? This is not what i had imagined a “Liberation” event to be.


Which should not be the case.


I like what you have done … about 600 points into the event and the mix of the hacking and combat is great and the rewards have been good to me so far.

Thanks for putting this one together.


A part of the even that gives 0 Points? Have you not learned anything from the Grand Prix event?


Loving it. Did 850 points on the first day in 11 hours.

The drop rate for the +12 accelerators are extremely low though. Found only 2 in those 11 hours.