Dawn of Liberation event - standing with Amarr diminished?

I Really enjoy the events that allow gaining accelerators, skins and other goodies.
Looking at the upcoming Dawn of Liberation, I am wondering if each encounter with slaver ships will affect your standings with the Amarr.
CCPls, don’t cause this event to destroy the standings that I’ve slowly built up with the Amarr. I am guessing that Angel Cartel space events will not wreck Amarr reputation, but those locations would only seem to be deep in null-sec in Curse and Fountain, according to :



Only you can destroy your own standings. Events are optional.


Yeah, I didn’t think about the possibility of incurring negative standings when completing this event, hopefully that game mechanic isn’t active in the Event.

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Since the event looks to be taking place in Amarr space only (well Angel spae as well I suppose) then I doubt there will be standings loss, otherwise you would soon shut yourself out of the event.

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Yeah, and all characters with bad Amarr standing won’t be able to run the event in high sec space. Plus it puts unnecessary hardship and time constraints on players by having to travel to a specific area for an event that’s suppose to be for all players to enjoy.

Going by the current theme while keeping it accessible to all players, Agency tasks could be in 2 categories with sites randomly spawning all over New Eden.

One category would be hidden sites that need to be probed with ‘Processing Centers’ that need to be hacked open to free captured slaves. Agency points gained with site completion.

The other category would be combat sites showing as Celestial Beacons in the overview where local Pirate NPC’s are guarding ‘Internment Centers’ that need to be destroyed to free slaves. Agency points gained with site completion.

Both categories would have different task difficulty levels which would allow all players access to the event. The ‘Freed Slaves’ gained from the Agency tasks could be turned in to Concord for ISK reward.

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I didn’t observe any faction standing with the Amarr, or anyone else while on the test server. Given that the beacons are called “Unsanctioned Labor Camps”, I’m thinking that this is intended. Regardless, I did a full write-up on everything I know so far at my blog.


VERY helpful write-up! Good job.

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Definitely nice write up, very detailed for content still on the test server.

Also great idea to include a link to the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’, however that link doesn’t seem to work and should be replaced with this:

I came to the same conclusion that @Shipwreck_Jones came to.

Some more info.

  1. Agency boosters are spread out among the wrecks. MTU will come in handy.

  2. Still unknown what to do with the slaves.

  3. Skins look pretty cool on some ships…not so great on others. They are plentiful though.

Do the Chainbreaker Khumaak Skins come from this event or are they purchased through the online store with PLEX?

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Very nice write up! Thanks so much for putting that together.

Do you know if the sites are still on SISI?

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As of the time of this comment, yes. They can be found in Amarr space.

Also, the Liberation Hauler now spawns. He can hold 400 slaves (approximately 40% of the slaves that are in one site), warps off when he is full, and doesn’t seem to come back.

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What will be the best ship for this?

Seeing how one has to hack a lot of sites and the best loot drops with the battleship will the focus be on fast hacking and killing the BS quickly and to loot it.

@Shipwreck_Jones What are roughly the distances within a site one needs to travel, what are the engagement ranges? … 20km, 50km, 100km?

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10k travel.
20k engagement range.
I used a Loki emp ammo to hack and a huge buffer dps beam nightmare to kill.


I’ve been looking at the Stratios today and only for the event, and I don’t think one needs two ships for this. All one needs is to get under the tracking of the battleship and shouldn’t have a problem killing the cruisers and frigates with drones from there. I’m thinking about a Stratios with a AB+drones+blasters fit to do it all in one.

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Sounds good on paper until you consider the competition. He who does the most DPs gets the drop. Having a 1400 dps ship helps a lot.

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I’m aware of it, but I’m getting 750dps with the Stratios and being able to sit right on top of the BS and its wreck will let me loot it quicker. And I’ve packed ECM drones, too. :wink:

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Good luck.
ECM drones don’t help in high sec.

I’m talking about stealing the loot and getting away.