Operation Conscious Interruption (Feedback)


Even if CCP won’t read this Trying to give some Feedback about the last Event.
I have done over 350+ of those Event Sites with my Gila even if the Event was one of the harder ones (Atleast at the beginning Nobody Know how to Catch and Kill the Drifters) In the last Days it was very easy 3 webs on my Gila and the Site was done in like 2 Minutes but for all Those Beginners out there which did not had the Money to buy a Gila or Vigilant had huge Trouble finishing those sites… I saw Ravens dozens of Praxis sitting in those sites shooting stuff for Minutes and then warping off … Most people just passed this Event because it was one of the Hardest we ever had and not because of time or damage… because of How to do it… Beginners don’t know anything about Transversal and Explosion Radius etc… they might not even saw that the Drifter was Flying 1,800 m/s… they could not do anything to catch it and if they catched it they could not break his tank… and he warped off after a few minutes… it was way to hard for most of the people… and let’s not talk about that the Drifter Jammed my drones all the time and they switched to another targets which was ***** Annoying… or that u could not Lock him sometimes and it said “Lock Failed” for a reason I still don’t know :smiley:

Still I have flown a lot of those sites because Events are for me always a great thing and I love the Grind (See Picture) I did not Rat in a supercap those are all Points made only with killing the Drifter Crusier

Still the Rewards were a bit low if u compare them to all the other events… No Rare Titan or Supercap bpc for the Top 3 Players nothing… I spent all the time in the Event and the Final thing was a 200m Box with some Imps. there should be Higher rewards for people who gather up to 10.000 Points… I got 3,3k and I can Imagine that there are people with crazy amount of points…

I would have spent a lot more time in those events if there would be any High End Reward… for the Project Discovery it is the Marshal Bpc as example… why nothing for this event?

Don’t get me wrong… I ***** love those events… but I just want something I can Focus on like a big Reward at the end for the Top 3 Players… if that would be the case I would have stayed awake all day to Farm Events because I had a Target something I want to reach… but this time it was 1200 Points “wow 200m thing” cool Event done… and if u needed some boosters u bought them for 10m…

Anyways did anybody feel the same way or is it just me … and what are your Points in the Event?

And yes I did posted it twice (Once in PvE and Once here did not exactly know where to put it :slight_smile: )

I initially used a rail Deimos and just followed at 12k. In the end I was using a Vigilant/Loki combo and did a lot of sites. Ended up with so many gnosis/sunethis bpcs I will be building them for a month. Would have been nice for a super bpc or rare ship for top earners.

How many points did u collect?

A little over 1000. I was doing it for the drops. Had they offered a goal that wasn’t so cheesy I would have went for more agency points. As it was I just did a three system loop and killed the BS repeatedly.

My Feedback:

-The experiment with ‘scaling difficulty’ was interesting, however in this case I feel that the attempt to increase difficulty of the event resulted in an issue with ‘a select few viable builds’ working, and anything else not. Especially since prices on the somewhat accessible ships (Vigilant etc.) increased rapidly. An anniversary event that is 2 weeks long really should have been designed to appeal to more of the players.

-Increasing the difficulty, and cranking up the points needed, and making many of the drops of little value, all at the same time, was unwise and further limited the event appeal.

-Advertising the event as specifically having options for everyone, while in fact greatly limiting viable approaches to the event and quite poor rewards for ‘casual point grinding’ (eg. 400 for an agency booster drop?), led to a lot of people thinking that once again CCP has no clue how to communicate.

-Finally, giving Apotheosis/Sunesis/Gnosis/Praxis rewards out to your XVth anniversary Omegas, while simultaneously running an event that drops significant numbers of Apo/Sunesis/Gnosis BPs, basically cheapens the rewards for all your Omegas and all the people who worked to run the harder event content. Do separate teams design these things without communicating? Or does CCP really think “Hey, let’s reward our players, but let’s also make all those rewards worth half what they normally are, because it’s funnier that way.”

Summary: Interesting attempt, but perhaps CCP should start ‘Team Entirely Foreseeable Consequences’ and make everyone else run their ideas past that team before implementing. Oh, and when you make that team, hire at least one person who actually plays the game to be on it.


Could not say it any better… well done

I loved this event. Finally one that didnt consist of a semi-afk gila, but required you to actually think of your fit and what you’re doing instead. Not all content has to be newbro friendly, nor does it have to be easy.

Great thing about the difficulty is that it also resulted in much higher accelerator prices, making this the first event that was actually competitive with missioning for income. (100-200mill/h for the BS sites, even with the lower gnosis/sunesis prices)

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run many site with a Deimos, blaster fit, long rang ammo, microwarp drive, keep at 11km, little bit of overheat on the propulsion module to catch up, than tracking computer to enhance range and we are done.

Took me 3 attemps before figuring out what was going on.


  • Did not appreciated the Standing loss upon target kill.
  • Reward was not that good. I mainly skipped that event compared to others i participated in.
  • imo, CCP should have advertise more the event. They could may be sent players ingame mail in addition to putting an ad on the launcher.
  • I think it is sad that each time they schedule an event, we have no info on the mechanic of the game play itself. They could may be add a short text like the PVE mission descirption so players could have a hint on whats going on. To be honest, at some point it become exhausting to be always playing Guess-Eve-Online: guessing how thing works at the expanse of your hardly earned asset.

i enjoyed the event
finding the right ship for the task was fun
i like there was no how to or what to expect hope there will be more of these in the future

Pretty much this.

This is right up there for me as one of the best events (after Warzone probably) that have come out of the new system.

It was a terrible event, not as worse as the Gala but close enough.


Looks liek CCP had some mercy for the ones like us.

One of the best events so far, as it required skill to manage the sites. It was newbie friendly at the same time, as there was valuable loot in the frig wrecks.

Combining stronger scan sites with easy beacon sites should be the go to way in the future. Though group activity design should be scrapped when keeping the competitive character of the sites.

The loot was okish, but drop rates could be improved a bit. I don’t like the +6 accelerator.

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Yes, definitely. The addition of the scan sites (and the escalation site) was brilliant. More like this please.


I wish there were more ways of creating conflict in high sec with these event sites. So maybe have an NPC rat that gave 10M bounty, but drops a cerebral accelerator in its wreck. Looting the wreck = suspect status.

The drops between high and low/WH space didn’t seem to differ, either. When I realised that high sec gave as much reward as low, I stuck to high sec.

Site runners don’t need to incur suspect status to create conflict, loot thieves instigate conflict all the time.

The problem with this event for loot thieves was the loot was 35km or more away from the warp in point, if the site runner didn’t move, and most ships had to chase down that blazing fast cruiser or BS, well away from the warp in point. And you can’t warp to wrecks in deadspace. Address this, and one more conflict scenario is opened up.

@CCP_Dragon can you give us any delicious statistics about site attempts vs completions, perhaps a graph over time showing how much we improved?

  • I liked the new +6 accelerator. I sold all the handful of rare +12’s I found, and used the 6’s and 10’s.
  • Agree with others that the combo of an ‘easy’ beacon vs ‘hard’ signature site is a good model to follow for the future.

The “boss” speed & tank made it feel like an event for experienced players; did new players find it enjoyable? Frigates could be farmed for a few minutes and might drop some agency boosters, but how many players with less than 30 days, limited funds, and a T1 cruiser or BC completed the beacon site? And went back to do it again?

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As a relatively new player to combat game play, i really struggled with this event. A number of other players, and myself have failed to complete a single site without the assistance of a veteran player. I had a marauder assist me in J-space and we still couldn’t kill it. The only way I’ve seen people kill the cruiser/bs is by angling themselves with an afterburner, so that they orbit around the ship at a high velocity and dump DPS on it.

Most rookies and inexperienced players can’t touch the site, it really needs an advanced knowledge of combat mechanics and ship design to complete.

I came out the event with nothing, except an accelerator given to me by a friend, and a accelerator that i manged to grind out from the agency points. When i say i came out of it with nothing, i am referring to drops from the site boss typically (see the Guristas event).

Did you try bounties? Destroying drones in cruiser sites? There was a lot of points and loot to take from sites even ignoring the cruiser.

I ended up with the fireworks as my only reward. Which is fine, the event wasn’t my thing.

The one time I tried, my Dominix killed 7 of the frigates before time was up, but wasn’t really bothered.

So for me the event was ten minutes of entertainment, which seems fair enough.

I edited my post to be more accurate, i meant rewards regarding the boss drop. Specifically comparing it to previous events such as the Guristas event. The amount of work put in for the one accelerator was not worth it.