Operation Conscious Interruption (Feedback)


Even if CCP won’t read this Trying to give some Feedback about the last Event.
I have done over 350+ of those Event Sites with my Gila even if the Event was one of the harder ones (Atleast at the beginning Nobody Know how to Catch and Kill the Drifters) In the last Days it was very easy 3 webs on my Gila and the Site was done in like 2 Minutes but for all Those Beginners out there which did not had the Money to buy a Gila or Vigilant had huge Trouble finishing those sites… I saw Ravens dozens of Praxis sitting in those sites shooting stuff for Minutes and then warping off … Most people just passed this Event because it was one of the Hardest we ever had and not because of time or damage… because of How to do it… Beginners don’t know anything about Transversal and Explosion Radius etc… they might not even saw that the Drifter was Flying 1,800 m/s… they could not do anything to catch it and if they catched it they could not break his tank… and he warped off after a few minutes… it was way to hard for most of the people… and let’s not talk about that the Drifter Jammed my drones all the time and they switched to another targets which was ***** Annoying… or that u could not Lock him sometimes and it said “Lock Failed” for a reason I still don’t know :smiley:

Still I have flown a lot of those sites because Events are for me always a great thing and I love the Grind (See Picture) I did not Rat in a supercap those are all Points made only with killing the Drifter Crusier

Still the Rewards were a bit low if u compare them to all the other events… No Rare Titan or Supercap bpc for the Top 3 Players nothing… I spent all the time in the Event and the Final thing was a 200m Box with some Imps. there should be Higher rewards for people who gather up to 10.000 Points… I got 3,3k and I can Imagine that there are people with crazy amount of points…

I would have spent a lot more time in those events if there would be any High End Reward… for the Project Discovery it is the Marshal Bpc as example… why nothing for this event?

Don’t get me wrong… I ***** love those events… but I just want something I can Focus on like a big Reward at the end for the Top 3 Players… if that would be the case I would have stayed awake all day to Farm Events because I had a Target something I want to reach… but this time it was 1200 Points “wow 200m thing” cool Event done… and if u needed some boosters u bought them for 10m…

Anyways did anybody feel the same way or is it just me … and what are your Points in the Event?

Im not a fan of giving extra rewards to Top x pilots, because the events are simple farming and this only benefits ppl with more time investment.

The event in general. I like how easy it was to fill the progress. Filling it with bounty just required some missions so it could be done easily. The event sites themselves are not so good. I worked out a way to do them together with a friend, i used a navy vigil with 2 webbers and he used a myrmidon. It worked but it was slow and the rewards didnt feel worth it.

Not sure what you mean about the rewards. I was able to secure funds to ensure I had an advanced accel for every day until they expire…something like 2 bil. Also pocketed about 2 bil in my wallet off selling accels. I still have all the skins drugs and sleeper loot which even in right now prices are like 500m or more. Finally I still have a reserve of basic and improved accels sitting in a trade hub to sell after price spikes when supply runs short. All in all this was by far the best event and the fact you actually had to put some thought into efficiently running it was great to boost the rewards for those who did.

Edit…I forgot to include a sweet geno imp for another 200m!

Double posting feedback threads is not a good idea …

Did not knew where to put it this one here basicly can get removed because the other one is way more active… was my first time in this forum :slight_smile:

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