Crimson harvest feedback, Low sec

So last night I did a crimson harvest site, in low sec, and I have some feedback…

Fleet status; Billy no mates

Ship used; Typhoon

WTF did I just partake in?? that was a little intense!

So, I did actually enjoy the challenge of the site but here is why I wont be doing another one, in low sec anyway…

Everything has a point! I swear even the Veldspar was pointing me! How am I supposed to react to the local pirates turning up in system if I am held down my 10 NPC’s at a site that can be warped to straight away?? Don’t go thinking you can pull range like a standard anomaly, there are almost as many webs as points. This makes makes doing one of these sites far more risky than a Hub, standard DED site, or just a lvl 4 mission and here is the kicker! The rewards for completing the site are worse than the afore mentioned activities.

So basically what I am saying is that in Low sec, the risk to reward for these sites is totally out of whack, especially when I can scan down the hacking sites with far less risk and get a better drop…

So CCPlease Next time make event PvE sites easier with the same rewards, or give me a challenge like this site but reward me appropriately for the risk I have taken. I know you hate us all and want to see our ships burn right now but this one is just silly!

Flysafe…ish and walk with Amarr Jesus

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I am not really capable and acknowledgeable about PvE, these sites and general events i nearly never attend … But there is something in your post i did really interested…
can you please give me some numbers ?
How much you risk… and how much gain ?
What is the balance understanding of yours ?
What is you can call it as common sense ?
From your perspective .

CCP are really regretting that they fostered a culture of easy money and loose resources for over a decade, and are now trying to claw away anything they can from our warm, living hands in order to bring back a sense of progression and exploration to the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started deleting stuff from our stations via some kind of “burglary” game mechanic. Maybe they’ll add a 6.5-billion-ISK “loss prevention” skill that decreases the rate at which we get jacked by 5% per level. I don’t know, I don’t want to give them any ideas.

We as players are mostly to blame anyway. Everyone just grinds these days. Well, we dug too deep, and now the Morlocks are coming out. And now no one knows what to do and everyone is panicking. EVE is a prime example of what happens to a society that goes from one extreme to another after all of its gladiatorial pits are converted into safe spaces for sharing your feelings through poetry. The game was a much more enjoyable place when it had some gladiatorial pits still open, but you were also allowed to cry in the bathroom stall in between watching people get eaten by a lion.


I laughed hard when I read this. I think some coffee came out of my nose…


You mean like giving asset safety to stations, then removing it from inactive ones causing players who took a break to lose billions in assets?


It was kinda funny, in retrospect. Which players were the least likely to find out about the abandonment mechanic? The people with inactive stations, of course. By the time they discovered the patch notes, all their stuff was gone.

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That actually kind of happened… they did not look at patch notes then their everything was somewere in nullsec in “new “ system layout called pochven … why not ?

It was a clear demonstration to me that CCP did not deserve to stay in business.

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For me too… i mean Amount of returning players for RvB was huuuge .i set the content up … i mean loss was really huge ! We lost %99 percent of them due to they found their assets in null .
They left without subbing … the ones who sub …they realised it will take 3 month for them everyday work for hours to moove these assets out … so they just did not even stay and play,

Even me providing all free reships BS down did not help at all… they were furious .

You deserve free isk just for logging in.

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:fire: :princess: :fire:

I think they were hoping to get some headlines in gaming magazines. Maybe “Eve changes rules to let looters steal stuff from inactive players. Hundreds of thousands of dollars went to the null bloc leadership.”

This affected me- i came back after a break, and found myself in Pochven.

I guess that’s one way to get us Care Bears out of high sec…

You missed the point…

So, the site paid 17mil with 150% bounty bonus

It was very risky because you basically cant move, but you are at a site that can be warped to without the need for scanning .

It seems unbalanced to me compared to my usual PveE activities because I can make more isk without taking as much risk. For example if I was doing a lvl4 blockade in the same system someone would need to scan me down in the mission site, giving me far more reaction time. Don’t get me wrong if they are fast and I am not paying attention it can be done so there is still a level of risk. But the reward in isk is higher for a less risky activity.

Probably most important to this is the amount of points in the site. Many PvE sites have ships that will point you but not every ship in the site…

Lastly, when compared with the level of risk of doing the hacking sites it seems unbalanced.

Hope that answered your questions,
Flysafe…ish and Walk with Amarr Jesus

actually, you gave me something better than what I have been expecting… thank you

I have heard that highsec is totally safe. You can run the sites there.


[quote=“Moriar_theChosen, post:17, topic:334578”]
:joy: :rofl:
I need more posts like his … better than digging old posts. Risk aversion, healty risk assesment and risk /reward parameters, Taversky and EvE Online … just awsome

Hmm… I shall hold to this isk! and never let go.
Maybe we should blockchain something within EVE and create a crypto based on isk “by the players” and then, and then, and then…


Yeah, I never go no event, sry.
It’s no fun for me when you need to find out a figured out sequence, a fitting, etc… rinse, repeat.
I can rinse repeat with what’s already there.
And TBH, I don’t think anyone jumps to such thing without some info about it. I mean, how can one figure out the dress code? If there was zero, and I mean, zero information, the losses on figuring out would be so high… so back to square one. Rinse, repeat.

On those high pay events, the participants… well, they just DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF ISK… it’s just for the challenge of testing blingability… or as my neighboar say: “kinda measuring antennae”.

Now, if there was some event that was, say… a bit easier… affordable on the fittings, actually doable with variety and with an acceptable chance range of high gains --really high gains–… it would popularize enough not only to fulfill the tacit assumption that the only purpose is to generate the overstated “need for destruction” but also, earn the name “event”, btw.

But no.

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