Crimson Harvest - Combat Site Competition

I solo or duo with one friend the new Crimson Harvest Combat sites trying for my Daily and I always see Fleets running a farm, system to system, in large groups, just farming the sites for the loot drops.
Making it very hard to even find an open one.
But when I do I am working on first room with np, advance to 2nd, working on first or second wave in 2nd room with no problem only to have 1, then another, then another, warp in, as I am engaged with 4 or more they simply jump to the final room and when I get there , all 3 or 4 individuals all fight for Commander, and I being Alpha plater only, I get out DPSed and do not get even credit for my daily. Making the entire Event not even worth competing and wasting my game time.
I believe CCP should set restrictions daily for these, perhaps locking final room gate to the ones that have completed 1st and are in 2nd room fighting to open the 3rd room gate. Or maybe restrict the farming, to only 2 or 3 let’ say a day or any player?? Maybe this would allow some fun and rewards for ALL plyers. Just a thought, not a sermon.


It’s not an original one either.

There’s multiple threads already open already complaining about the very same thing. The advice is always the same:

  • Like all modern games: dailies are a joke, don’t bother with them, stop letting them control your play style.
  • If you must do a daily:
    • Use a ship with higher DPS
    • Make friends and do them together
    • Go elsewhere in the universe
  • Use an insta-align sunesis and follow them around, yoink the final loot and warp out before they can do anything (better use of time than dailes)
  • Use a friend in an assault frig to agress the final BS in the room with the farmers and drag the battleship >100km away from them. Just burn off in 1 direction, the BS will keep warping attempting to catch up. Now nobody can run the site. Now run your content in any other system while the farmers sit there typing in local their anger.

It’s a waste of time to ask for CCP to make changes to make up for your weakness and lack of initiative in changing your playstyle.

So you watched and see people with much higher damage outputs farming in cooperation, you still chose to compete with them in your low-dps alpha ship and your conclusion is that something has to be fixed?

What the heck is wrong with you people these days?

Thats what I found within five minutes after logging in:

Nobody in local but me:

One guy in local, in a Heron, not running the sites:

Nobody in local but me:

Nobody in local but me:

And yes, thats all HIGHSEC. Stop being lazy.

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Well, being that I need Tetrimon Bases, and you only posted 2 in all 4 of your link posts, understand why now?

No, I don’t understand. These were just random findings in the three or four systems around me after logging in. Yesterday I had like 20 Tetrimons in the same area, it’s simply random. If you are willing to invest more than a few minutes and just travel a bit away from all those crowded routes you can find plenty of whatever sites you need without anyone disturbing you.
Of course it is way easier to come to a forum to complain that CCP should fix your problems.

And as you can see in the screenshots, the sites are orded by letter, there are even lots of Tetrimons in these systems (you can see the scrollbar at the side), I just only cut out the “crimson” ones, because you said you were looking for crimson harvest sites in your initial post.

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I had the same feeling in the beginning, but after setting for long runs into high sec space that nobody uses, even in systems that actually had people in them most of them were just mining or exploring.

The sites appear at random and they keep respawning, rather in a small time lapse, so you can grab your ship and go around in a circle of 20~30 systems back and forth and you’ll cross over many sites and most of them will be open and untouched.

And if anything fails, find a better time zone or a secluded area of the eve map where there’s nobody at all, with systems that have no mission agents, no factories, and are very far from the main trade hubs. Like someone here pointed: if you actually search for empty sites, you are going to find them.

Like most events in eve, it’s best to complete it in parts, not undocking once for several hours expecting to complete it. I gave crimson harvest 2 hours a day in around 8 days so far, got 3k event points, and the event isn’t even finished yet.

tl;dr Stop being lazy! If you want empty sites, go find them.

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Are you in Solitude or somewhere like that? Amarr space somewhere? Seems not many people go there.

My expericene with the CH combat sites is completely different. Either you play at the wrong time or at the worng places. I’m not an experienced player, only about 11 Eve month old. I use a cheap Praxis fit published on Eve Workbench. Today I could harvest 5 or 6 sites without seeing any ship nearer than 5 AU.
To get the shortcut key I scan the CH data sites, these have also nice loot. Several times (but not today) a Marauder or an other ship stroger than mine warps in. In this case I simply look for an other site. I use Eveeye to identify systems with low activity. I’m doing this completely alone, so the other suggestions made here I can not use.

From my experience during my first CH event, time and place are importent to finish the combat sites.
Btw, I’m playing in HS.

regards Frank


It’s really not that hard to find some remote corners, just look at the map and select systems with close to zero pilots in space / pilots docked. If people want to run 5 jumps around Jita or another trade hub they shouldn’t complain about competition.

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I mean you know the event is almost over right?

Mid October there were plenty of sites because the hype died and the NS vets got their skins.

NOW we are in the last day rush to farm the last of the loot to sell via market.

This is how humans behave and when you start thinking like this you can identify times where there are tons of sites. That FOMO is hitting hard right now as the event is nearly over. FOMO happened when the event started. Farm the event between these two peaks. (This goes for ANY event)

October is holiday time in serveral countries, this may have an additional effect on competition, e.g. if you back from holidays now (as I am).

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Yup Halloween is literally tomorrow. For me as I am in the US.

Alpha player here who’s been running these sites. Try to buy some keys, they help a lot, as does playing in a lower-traffic area.
There are ways to still win the boss even with competition. The boss always spawns after the 2nd wave, either alone or with a third wave. I don’t know what your fit is, but if you reload your guns/launchers and pull drones when the 2nd wave is nearly dead, wait for the boss to show, and immediately start throwing out dps, you have a chance of winning the dps contest.

CCP doesn’t care.

Fun and reward have been removed entirely from the game as of 2-3 years ago… whatever last remnant there was.

Even events are dire hellscapes of forced PVP or just not doing them at all.

Crimson Harvest used to be the best event, for me anyway… The scarcity of sites is just a huge turn off.

They used to be widely available in all spaces… You could just warp in, fight the waves, loot, warp to the next in the same system.

Not anymore. They really have lost their way. Fly 40 jumps to find a single site… if it’s not being competed for, warp in. slow boat to gates. Slow boat to more gates. Kill the BS. fly another 40 jumps around hoping to find another available site… FOR THE SIDE YOU CHOSE because that’s the only way to advance the event points system, which is another idiotic, unnecessary division that has literally no purpose other than to make sites EVEN LESS AVAILABLE.

Bleh. Yuck.


Meanwhile me casually sitting on 4100 event points farming exclusively in HS
Choosing a side? 40 systems with no sites?
Sometimes I doubt I play the same game as many local forum dwellers.

Some of them are outright lying. They never did the search for sites they claim to have done. They are full of entitlement, thinking they somehow have a “right to grind lucrative event sites for hours each day”, being spoon-fed with rewards.

Every single claim that was made, from “the sites are too hard, only vets in shiny ships can do them!” and “you get neutet dry in these sites every time!” over “you cannot run them in droneboats!” to “there are too few sites, you cannot find nearly enough!” and “you get your loot stolen every single time!” or “the loot isn’t worth it!” has been proven wrong.


They are right to some degree, when it comes to alpha players, they are at disadvantage whatever you would do in this event. But thats on purpose. People complaining is an after effect of CCP wanting to put pressure on the alpha accounts to become omega.

I’d love to see an honest breakdown from CCP about how many solo players and groups have completed these on a regular basis, as a percentage of the whole player base.

Both Omega and Alpha.

I used to do these years ago when they were first introduced and they were far easier to do.

I’m not saying that the OP is wrong, but the sites are out there.

This is revenue exclusively from running those sites. I wish there were more.

40! too little jumps!