July 2018 Release - General Feedback

We’re happy to announce that the July release is now live.

Please use this thread for General Feedback.

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The July release brings the start of the Dawn of Liberation event, which runs across the Minmatar Republic’s Liberation Day, from July 10th through to July 24th. In addition to this, this release follows on with further ship balancing work, with changes to the Zealot, Retribution and Claw.

Significant performance improvements are also coming to the way the EVE Online client renders missiles and smoke trail grahics, as well as balance improvements to loot in abyssal space and a whole host of user interface, gameplay and audio and graphics fixes.

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It was mentioned in the patch notes that:

Faction starbase module blueprint do no longer drop from exploration sites.

Are the bpcs being replaced with something else? Or are we to expect less loot from exploration sites?

Thanks for the continued work and updates, o7

When are you going to fix the chat? It is still riddled with bugs and errors. The dev who worked on the original deployment ought to work on the chat system and not on anything else until the new chat system is fixed and really not different in terms of reliability from the old system.

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Hello, im posting because im running in this weird problem with the event. Some people claim they dont get any standing faction hit while doing the event, in my case im getting several with very strange descriptions for some. I got 5 standing hits already, 2 of them are -0.24, after killing a whole site’s rats. The others are -0,002 after killing just the BS, yet the decriptions of the hits are very weird, these are the descriptions:(all this while doing the event sites and nothing else).
-penalty for destroying an amarr shipyard -0.24
-penalty for destroying amarr starbase control -0.24
-penalty for destroying amarr’s empire imperial tanakh -0.002
-penalty for destroying amarr’s bataivah -0,002
-penalty for destroying amarr’s imperial templar judgement -0,002
The last 3 hits happened after killing just the BS of the site and going away as a test. Any ideas?, is this a bug?, is it normal?. Many claim they arent getting any hit at all, others that they get it when killing some red hauler. But i tested with just BS and still get it. Thanks.

We´d be interested in looking into this, could you please file an in-game bug report with a screenshot of the standings modifications? Press F12 to file a bug report.

Many thanks,
CCP Turtlepower

[16:33:46] Kaelen Mosar > VERY NICE ccp too BUSY to NICELY run a chat server

[16:35:20] Rivr Luzade > <url=showinfo:1373//1263480547>Kaelen Mosar please provide this feedback here July 2018 Release - General Feedback

Wanted to say thank you, that the game server didnt die like on the gran prix event.

So replace “coreli” with “ccp” on this videofile, there ya go on my feedback.

I did as you told me. I should take your request as this is not intented and that im getting these penalties due a bug?. Many claim they dont get them. Im starting to feel special… but in a bad way. Thanks for your time.


I’m assuming CCP dropped filament volume down from 10 to 0.1 and that’s why my stash of them in an MDU isn’t taking up half the contents? Nice.

Also, might want to correct the message you get when entering the event sites to specify you need a data analyzer instead of just saying you need a code breaker. And are there suppose to be rats in them or are these the first non-com event sites? So far I’ve just seen the hauler sitting at zero and nothing else.

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Update turtlepower. After thinking for a while, i realized all the buggy standing hits happened in the very same system (a popular mission hub), As if i was getting the standing hits from someone else while running the sites. I moved a couple of systems away, killed another BS and didnt get any standing loss. I updated the bug report with said system’s name.

What’s up with this new “limited” flair? Does it mean you intend to remove those items in the near future? It’s obvious for the accelerators. I’m concerned because the agency boosters have that flair now too. Will they go?

I think the “limited” icon overlay tag refers to items that can’t be bought from NPC or manufactured by players, that are offered for a limited amount of time. Agency boosters don’t expire and get removed like skill training accelerators… but both of these types of items are only offered by time-limited events.


you guys had the same sort of thing with standings hits on the SoCT event
.i.e. A standings hit every time you killed a drifter.

Ohh and i still have the negative standings with drifters to this day.

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well ccp seems you have done what every one thought couldn’t be done break the chat servers worse then the feb update

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I wouldn’t say they’re more broken than the March update, but… this is the most broken they’ve been since March. and they’ve been broken every month since then, so… that’s saying something.

Entering systems, seeing 40 people in local on one toon, 4 in local on another toon, and 2 in local on another toon (can’t even see themselves and one of the other toons, just seeing 1 of my toons in local… wow).

Aaand here were go again… more standing loss with Concord just because you kill a few amarrican rats … doesn’t happen if you hack the cans before they get there and you warp out without killing any of them either. Also gives you not only the normal ‘non-capsuleer’ logoff timer but also ‘suspect status’ the moment you start shooting the rats although I haven’t seen my char have a flashy yellow indicator in any of the channels after I start the rat killing… anyone else have these problems??

Broken developers make broken content. Can’t understand why people still get surprised.

@CCP_Turtlepower i aggree with this. it is a huge issue atm. and people rely on ingame time to keep playing eve and not to loose their ■■■■ due to local not working properly.

we got corp members saying there is a nuet in system and others report that same neut in different systems.
this is outrages. fix the local chat bug. PRIO 1.
game is barely playable. unless ccp wants to compensate for all the losses and not being able to play and loosing game time??


Would you please stop showing me this Friendship notification? I don’t need you to tell me how to play a game about ruthless, brutal, cruel natured characters. Thank you.

A positive thing, though: The fix that made the Slow Down notifications go away is a godsend. Something that should not have been necessary to point out or fix in the first place, but still good that it got fixed.

What’s weird is that’s the first notification I’ve ever noticed on the launcher, and I saw it seconds after it was posted.