[FW Rework] The Agency and Plex Content

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I hope you guys have thought about the role the Agency should play in the coming Rework, I say that because it seems like the Agency has been essentially forgotten despite all the massive promises we got about its role in finding and making Content when opening EVE Online.

What is the content the Agency will direct us to in the coming FW Rework?

Right now, the Agency is merely a plex listing that you can essentially ignore by just undocking and looking at the plexes in your system, pretty much it’s redondant, it offers nothing more than your overview can offer.

To offer a comparison, the Agency with the ESS at least offer a comparison in rewards, which would make some sites more sought-after than the others.

The coming NVY-30 are a good idea of something that would be sought after and that can have different appeals (different sizes, rewards, etc…), but if you only have one every few hours, this will not be enough to give entire militias something to look after for.

I would suggest giving a close look to what Albion is doing, with events inside their FW system, and multiple respawning objectives that can be looked after by groups, guilds, and alliances.

The other subject I wanted to talk about is the content of Plex Content.

I am sure I’m not the only one dissapointed by this but, in essence, nothing new has been announced about what is > inside < the plexe. Sure there are now some plexes that have 3 destroyers instead of 1, but it is still the same kill rat/orbit button content. More importantly, no reasons have been given to commit plexers to their plexes.

Rollback Timers/Dual-Timers have been discussed by the FW community for more than half-a-decade now. And that’s because most of us, I hope, have realized the importance of commiting the plexer by threatening the time he spent in the plexe and by rewarding the one who made him leave (instead of punishing him through deplexing).

The big advantage of plexes is that they actually are the oldest form of PvEvP we had in the game. Pilots fitted for PvP could go after an objective, complete it, get rewarded for it, and if they did get attacked, they could fight back, win/win overall.

There is nothing in what has been announced so far to further that aspect.

I hope you guys will look at the content inside the plexe too, not just their distribution, so that someone who gets no enemy sliding in, can at least do more than orbit a button and wait.

Thank you.

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