[SERIOUS] What can CCP do now to fix PVE in FW?

I am trying to look at not suggesting mayor game changing dev work needed but rather small easy fixes that can be done in a single sprint or small changes over say 5 - 6 sprints that can slowly fix some elements of FW to make it better.

I am sure all have their own massive overhaul senarios but let be realistic it will not happen any time soon. Its not part of the dev plan at the moment.

I am looking at PVE only so that means missions and plexes. Do we need new ones do we need chnages to them. Do we remove them. Just remember that any chnage will have impact on the rest of the game and you have to factor in the bigger picture.

There is no PvE in faction warfare, at least I don’t believe there is. Also, plex farming is not PvE.

there are pve missions or faction missions up to level 4.

Just remove them.

In my opinion, all FW should be tied around system control and the FW plexes. The missions don’t add anything useful to the system, other than more ways for farmers to devalue the lp that the fw pvp’ers are supposed to use to fuel the war.

It also adds an extra layer of unnecessary complexity. If one wants to clean up a system, it is often useful to try and break it down into its basic components and make it work on this basic level first.

Could not agree with you more. In no way do they add anything to the fight of the war other than to add LP to farmers wallets. Corporations or alliances cannot make any income so they dont eve benefit.

Its basically LP farming in stealth Bombers and you make more LP in level 4 missions than plexing anyway. Really just remove them.

Make peace between the empires :))




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