Hello CCP,
hello CSM,

I am addressing you today with a request, of course I am not involved with the future developments on the part of CCP. But we as EDENCOM DEFENSIVE INITIATIVE have been thinking about future developments concerning EDENCOM.

Firstly, I would like to see a return to equipment payouts for both Triglavian supporters (or those with positive Triglavian standing) and EDENCOM loyalists. Be it the armour, the T-shirt or the jacket, or the Beret (especially that one here).

The market gives nothing more, and the equipment of our members - who like to have the identification with EDENCOM, is unfortunately no longer possible in this way.

Furthermore, I would like to talk about the standing and possible benefits for EDENCOM loyalists, now that the Triglavians have their own system here. I will only suggest the possible potential improvements.

Please refer to the table for the possible benefits for EDENCOM loyalists.

+1 Standing. Decrease Concord Response Time as if we were in a higher level Highsec system (up to a maximum of 1.0).
+3 Standing. Access to Vorton Projector Boosters in the LP Shop.
+5 Standing. Decrease of Concord response time from 0.2 Sec status to the respective system (without suspending the Lowsec / 0.0 mechanics).
+7 Standing. Access to the EDENCOM structures stationed in Yulai, as HQ.
+10 Standing. Expansion of the Yulai stations, with possible highsec reaction possibilities in the corresponding structures, and the use of the Cynos stationed there.

This is only a wish list, and of course I do not know to what extent it is feasible. But it would be a suggestion that I would like to put forward.

Is that feasible in any way?

And to give the Triglavians some ideas of what a negative standing to Triglavia looks like, we could add additional spawns here, for example, or Focus Fire. However, I feel that I am not authorised to speak for the negative effects of Triglavians, as we are on the side of EDENCOM.

I am very grateful for further discussions.

Also, a background for Triglavia supporters and EDENCOM loyalists would be appropriate. (Character portrait).


+1 for increasing Concord response time, then good EC standing would be a must have for any ganker :slight_smile:

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These are all good ideas that move towards appropriately rewarding the EDENCOMM loyalists, although with the current narrative arc with the Empires being pissy with each other, I don’t know how realistic they are.


4-way war confirmed?

sorry, got an error here, i mean decreasing concord response time…

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What exactly do you mean with that? If someone attacks you in HighSec CONCORD would appear faster if you have a high EDENCOM standing?

I agree that it would be really cool any faction standing to provide some kind of bonus, thematic to that faction. A lot of people would feel obligated to gring rep if Response times are involved and it’s unlikely that such a thing will be implemented**, however, bonuses to using the faction’s ships and weapons sounds really cool.

Additionally, +1 for making more character items and customisations available. (I want a cowboy hat too)

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yeah, that was my thought…

i mean roleplay wise, EDENCOM is close to CONCORD, they may use the same comms channel, and have a higher priorty ?

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I thought EDENCOM was an Amarr plot. Shouldn’t it be „faster Amarr Faction Police response“ instead?

:frowning: Sorry, then I need to retract my endorsement and classify it as a dumb idea. We don’t need more safety.

I have +10 to EDENCOM and -10 to trigs, where is my special armor CCP. :psyccp:


then you dont know, that we hunt gankers…
and this is just an idea…

Yeah, a special bonus for having high Faction standing would definitely make it worthwhile to build up Faction standing, such as a bonus that’s applied when piloting Faction ships. It doesn’t need to be a major bonus, just a slight increase in ship stats would be fine…

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It would help the anti-gankers sure, but also everybody else to become safer.

you know that grinding trigs, is a long term thing here, grinding now for nearly 2 years (and have a +9.98 standing)…

and the Drakezero guy, who is killing that facilities, which gave an impact to his standing was a bug.

Hmm, don’t know what you are talking about …

he was the first guy with a +10 standing. I think nana is beside Mwadeeb2 the only one with a such high standing.

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100%. The Edencom and triglavian dichotomy is highly underutilized. Though I could say the same about Drifter incursions and the 4 special drifter wormholes – though the Edencom/Trig stuff has a lot more player attention and involvement.

The standing benefits should be kept mostly PvE oriented, though Edencom ships attacking on sight any player attacking somebody with +1 or more Edencom standing (and NPC logi applying shield boosters) would be something to consider. Also faction police ignoring you (or ones that would normally auto you) due to your high standing with Edencom while in Edencom owned areas would be a nice benefit.

Leave the concord response times to the new faction war system and changing of sec status for systems. PvP bonuses/penalties only for the aspects of the game that interface with them.

yes, that is constructive criticism. Right that with the logis I had not on the screen. That’s why I put this here, to make a collection of ideas, what is desirable, where do the other EDENCOM loyalists see their potential ideas?

Hmm, I am afraid CCP didnt do that yet because they would have to build a whole system of rewards based on the standings. There is nothing now.

But there are positive things with this kind of rewards. They certainly would cause even more people to play more. Just like with the discovery project, but better, because people would undock and do things and have fun together.

Also I think logis could be getting positive standings with Edencom, by repairing ships agressed by trigs.

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