Random Standing change by CCP

So im sure lots of you noticed or just died to this. But it seems like CCP rolled back standing gain from Rogue Drones that was affecting Triglavian/Edencom standings.

There is no patch note. Notification. Any information about this rollback that almost had me killed in HS AGAIN. I dont know what the lollipop is going on at CCP about this but FIX UR STANDING SYSTEM.

Why does Edencom/Triglavian standing is different from any other standing in the game? Why cant we be friendly with both just like we can be with all 4 empires? Why dont you present opportunities for those who have ■■■■■■ up standings to fix them?

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Please check this: Patch Notes for Version 18.10, date: 2020-10-27, Triglavian Space part:

Corrected Standings incorrectly gained from Rogue Drone content unrelated to Triglavian Space

You can - but You need to visit Pochven and start killing Rogue Drones or Drifters there. Both Triglavians and EDENCOM will be pleased by this and will raise standing with You.

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Because Triglavians invaded Empire space. They are not your typical Gallente against Caldari. They invaded from the outside with hostile intentions and no room for negotiations.

It is a travesty that it is actually possible to become friends with both edencom and triglavians because CCP is utter garbage at programming and feature quality.

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CCP didn’t just clear those standings gained in T-space they cleared/reset those gained/lost by destroying any rogue drone structure anywhere.

I pop the bunkers and lookouts found in low level high sec rogue drone anomalies and i have had those standings changes i incured over the set period reset.

I was slowly making my way to -10 (a girl needs a goal). Now it seems as though all standing changes tied to rogue drone structures have been removed.

@CCP_Aurora can you confirm that this is intended.

It was intended, you weren’t supposed to lose standings from the k-space structures, so they removed it and reverted the standings that were gained from killing them

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