Female characters with caps and berets : stop Skinheads!


sorry for my bad english, i am a French gamer. I love our game and create only many female characters. My problem is a French problem : we French people love the women and create in the world many things for the women and then they become more lovely. With the caps and the berets of EVE my characters become “skinheads”. I have the desire they keep their hair when they wear a cap or a beret or have this possibility. (i dont care of that for the men characters).

Yesterday i send a message with this subject to the support of CCP. In their response, they said - between others things - to try to contact CSM.
Yep, the thing done :slight_smile:


CSM doesn’t have any ability to directly influence development in the way you’re thinking of. So whoever told you to go reach out to the CSM about it, stop listening to them because they have no idea what they’re talking about.

GMs will always tell players who are asking for development changes to go to the CSM.

I will add this to my list.


Kk for information :
GM Maru (EVE Online)

Jun 27, 2020, 7:39 AM UTC

Greetings Capsuleer, this is GM Maru,

Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience,

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option available yet for a character to wear a cap and have the hair displayed at the time. I understand your concerns and I’ve forwarded them to the appropriate people within CCP. I sadly cannot guarantee that your feedback will be implemented but I can assure you that it will be taken into consideration. Any feedback from our players is taken very seriously and we appreciate your contribution.

I would also encourage you to consider posting your thoughts on the EVE Online forums.

I also recommend that you consider highlighting your concerns to the CSM. They ensure that the voices of the EVE community are heard and you can either post on the CSM section of the forum or contact them directly.

If you have any further concerns or if there is anything you’d like to add then please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Maru
CCP Player Experience EVE Online

Im sorry if i disturbed the CSM with my interest for our game and my subject so ridiculous …


yea the hair and cap situation its a shame since years same with shoes and pants i am wondering why is CCP giving out new stuff but the promised replacement for capt quartier or a point we can see our chars in full 3d is mission (like the char log in with 3d chars sitting arround in a room?)

also apart from the cap and beret there are lot of shoes but with verry low texture ressolution and a lot of them was and be “exklusive” to some 10 year old fanfests and never hit the wide market

also CCP often brings uppert wear but no matching pants and shoes… ever tryed to match that fancy triglavian coat with facemask and modern functional material with some pants and shoes? there are no!
or try to wear that shiney fancy new year git suit we got few years ago? no matching pants and shoes because clearly female chars stop caring arround there clothing on the lower part of the body^^

i would also highly sugest @CPP @ CSM give us the ability to use all types of standard clothing who is in the game
there is no real reason why you cant use that particular color of jacked from the other birthline (and it would be a “cheap” change for ccp to give us mor options because the models are in the game for all chars)

oh and that Pirate clothing? Females maybee dont want to wear an Armor Type upper Boddy clothing? there is no option for a shorter jacket like thing also in leadther or matching camoflage upper body stuff for blood raider guristas sansha etc.

oh and a last point: if you make loot tables and lootbox crates for your event… there is ALLWAYS mission one part of the gurista and blood etc. sets in your list… its like copy and paste the loot tables now several times blidnly but never someone looked into it… maybee its an evil trick to make one thing more rare but its just anojing and feels like punishment to be a female char or to want matching clothings…

if you have time and money to spend to make new skins you also have time and money to take a look into the clothings and grab some low hanging fruits like opening the clothings to all and give out the missiing stuff from the past i mean… you kill assets now with abandoned state and took away some exklusive ships and change it to skins… why is there a protection for highheels in some colors from fanfest a dekade ago?


I support the idea of having hair with caps and berets!


Agreed. I’ve got a bunch of caps either as part of free gifts or from events like the Liberation Day event a couple of years ago. Shame i can’t wear any of them without completely shaving my head and looking ridiculous.

And now that we can’t see our characters at all outside of a tiny portrait, what’s the point in giving out all these t-shirts and caps anyway? Here’s a free gift, sorry it’s useless and looks ■■■■ but at least no one will ever see it. It does seem like a part of the game is missing but then I am one of the people who kinda misses being able to walk around the station sometimes.


I didn’t know that Austria had a specific definition of “SkinHeads” …
… apparently not known in other parts of the world.

The title confused the hek out of me.

Not sure what the Austrian definition would be (I assume it could be politically inspired), but here the OP refers to the alopecic impairment induced by wearing a virtual cap, beret, etc. Skinheads from the title are your average baldies, the furless, skin exposing, sun reflecting individuals, through no fault of their own but the wish to wear a particular piece from their garderobe. And some of my best friends are baldies, so I’m politically correct !.. Although we never discuss baldness, I know we share the deepest respect for any choices or conditions that may have befallen one of our social circle or beyond.

Even though some people are attracted to baldness (so I hear) not all male characters like being shaved to the follicles either when wearing a beret. So if there ever is a fix, please make sure the hairy male scalp remains intact too, unless the owner of the hairy decoration wishes otherwise . Thank you.

P.S. Could you please introduce chest hair ?


Sure. I’ll see what I can do.

I agree. The hair shouldn’t disappear.


Let’s be honest, CCP has neglected our characters and avatars for too long! Nothing has changed since years! Please CCP hire an intern that can model 1 crazy scifi tribal hairstyle per day. Ty :slight_smile:
Give us fishnets, miniskirts, punk outfits, cocktail dresses, neon party dresses, and cool stuff people actually want to wear. No more of this streamlined normalo looks please.
Scifi needs Scifi looks!


I agree with the OP, the Head-wear items shouldn’t completely remove the characters hair.


This was asked so many times :frowning:

Agree. Needs more character, needs more style, needs more aesthetic. Not just “generic clone” normies :crazy_face:

And after that will come to life… the Ultimate thing awaits…
Give us options to make Tetsuo, the Iron Man!

Now this is Machine/Technology over human.

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Clothing has to be modeled and adjusted to sit over the character’s body (and hair) in a way that avoids poking through. :tired_face:

Considering we can’t actually walk or sit in the game, that shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s start with being able to have hair and a beret without any client crashes.


I support hair and hats for Female characters.

Would be nice to have captains quarters too again.