Female characters with caps and berets : stop Skinheads!

Maybe both requests could be combined?

Give us chest hair when wearing a cap! And male characters too!


The lazy designer solution …

You know you want it ! Chest hair ftw.

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That’s way too funny

I’m all for this, I don’t want to be a skinhead, I want to punch them (the bad sort, not bald people).
This request is actually not hard to do from a 3D modeling standpoint, but it would double the number of hairstyles as soon as it was implemented useless there’s something already built into Eve which can deform an existing object, and I suspect there is not.

I know how to do this, its not hard.
Also to solve the “poking through” problem, you don’t actually need the hair above the hat, you simply remove it by adding new edge loops where the hat starts and then squeeze the top of the hair in slightly to conform to the shape of the hat. In ZBrush this would take a few minutes at worst for each hair type, The texture maps would then need to be remade and everyone would have to download all this in an update, but that’s about it.


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