that is all.

thank you.


I keep bringing it up myself, and am rather surprised as to why CCP won’t do them. Is there just little interest in cowboy hats outside of the states? Regardless, they don’t have to worry about copyright issues with cowboy hats, like they have to do with hello kitty or other IP’s, and the western motif pairs really well with the space sci-fi. I mean, imho, it would certainly fit better within the Eve universe that baseball caps.

I dunno, maybe the guys who are into Eve’s lore can speak more on whether or not cowboy hats would be consistent with Eve art direction and lore.

Hey RP nerds. What do you think?
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Hey, you post in the RP section too. What do you have to say about this?

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You’re largely never going to find RPers arguing against more aesthetic items. It’d be a damn sight less greasy monetization that predatory ads aimed at newbies too.


The humble Caldari Rancher, living his live on the leased corporate land deserves some recognition.
The Cowboy Hat is not unique to the ancient traditional Kaalakiota Mountain Livestock herding.
As far as I am aware they are quiet popular with Amarrian Wheat Farmers and different Minmatar Nomad groups.


We already have them. As you can see, I am wearing one.


Well, I guess both styles are considered berets, and they may share a history, but I’ve always considered the military style beret to be a different type of hat.

Also, I want U.S style cowboy hats. You know, the type you see in hollywood movies and on the heads of pandering politicians.

Ah, salt of the earth.

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Ah- So that must be how the Gallente wear them ?


The more clothing items the better! This Ni-Kunni/True Amarr country gal would always love a nice cowboy hat for a proper day of square dancing and Khanid yak-riding!

(p.s. But please please please let me keep my hair)


Pretty much this. The more clothing items the better. No reason cowboy hats can’t be in New Eden. I am pro-cowboy hat.


Gonna agree w/Miz. You’ll never hear an argument against more cosmetics.

Hell, I’d like some shorts. And long t-shirts.


… I suppose…?


I want to be a Firefly pilot

I still support cowboy hats.

I’d settle for being able to give a male character a ponytail.

I have an extremely basic and silly idea: let us wear the baseball hats backwards. No new assets needed, just some style option, like with the tops or the pants.
Also, please let us keep our hair while wearing hats.

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