I want cosmetics that let me look like a violent, immortal, space pirate that has used way, way too many combat boosters

Okay guys. I am being 100% serious with this…

■■■■ t-shirts, baseball caps, vaguely-sci-fi-looking suits, monocles, and half the crap they give us.

We need...


Surely I’m not the only one that thinks that this is a no-brainer here? I mean, why the ■■■■ are they releasing monocles and t-shirts. Give me some cosmetics that let me look like a violent, immortal, space pirate with delusions of grandeur that has used way, way too many combat boosters.

I just don’t get it. We are playing a brutal, PvP-centric, sci-fi themed game that is teeming with immortal scumbags and… they give us t-shirts with Quafe written on it.

I wear t-shirts in real ■■■■■■■ life. What is this? The Sims in space? Let me look like sci-fi themed nightmare fuel.

grumble grumble, effin t-shirts, grumble grumble


What I want my characters to look like:

What they actually look like:


Just a personal opinion, but I prefer the unsuspicious look of violent characters. Think of it as Alita vs all the androids in Battle Angel Alita. Not knowing what you are up against is much more intimidating than getting all the potential weak spots presented on the silv… chrome platter. :joy:



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It is really about style…i did love to look like underdog … both appereance and miserable zboard helps you to people want to jump on you, underestimate you … instead of run away when they see you on grid …

But those days are over like… last couple of years there are not so many lone wolfs left and they absolutely know and recognise each other eventually …

So i give shipwrecks suggestion +1 too

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I also wouldn’t mind if they let that bug return that let female characters use some of the Drifters’ Jove facial feature sets. Space Vampirism.


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