Just a Minor Thing, but where is my Eye?


Since the April Update i am kinda Missing my Eye…
I know it sound stupid so i made some pictures.

I know that i have the old Implant in it but for some reason there is now this “Rendering” issue or some kind of that and it just looks wierd and actually not good.

I tried to remove the Imp to just keep it in the Hangar, but thats also not possible.

So, can you make it again look like the last 8 Years? Its really wierd and crappy when you open the charater sheet

Charachter Sheet
Character Customization

P.S. I already do enough stupid things, dont wanna look stupid too.

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I’m sure you were told growing up that if you keep playing with “it”, you’ll shoot your eye out.

Sorry, I had to.

I cant help, no idea what the problem is.

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You should definitely file a bug report.

@Phantom_Odinson i am a littlebit concerned what you did with “it” while growing up that they told you, “You” lose an Eye…

@Shipwreck_Jones yeah well i thought about it, but by scrolling down the bug page, i just didnt find the “you look stupid, pls report here” reports category. there are some that would fit but nothing really, so i tried my luck here first


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