Clothings glitch after character resculpt

(Krisol Aldent) #1

So don’t wanna bore with long explanations but I recently resculpted my character to fix the horrible cheekbones, and muddled with a few things with my clothes off. After that, I went to take a new portrait photo, and realized all I had on were the neat glasses and my underwear.

I was not only able to take a picture in the best pose ever, but it was right there in my portrait in chat and such. After a few jumps though it went away.

What I want to ask is not why this happened. What I DO wanna ask is how do I replicate this and can we make this a feature.

(Black Pedro) #2

So, I know this guy who goes by the name of Sol who is probably is one of Eve’s foremost experts on the character creator. Check this out:

Hopefully, it will help sort you out.

(Krisol Aldent) #3

And this is permanent this time? Or does it wear off? If the latter, Imma need to cap it.

(Yiole Gionglao) #4

Only works in the character editor. This “notabugisafeature” was used to make a calendar with capsuleers posing in their undies…

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