Character Creation

So I had decided to create an alpha for some kicks and giggles and to be my bank character so I don’t go and spend my savings.

Finally got her to what I liked. I added the coat (Outer > X), added a top, and then I added pants to her and this is what happened!

Then the character editor broke.

@CCP_Falcon whom should I send my logs too!?

I got a little farther this time! Now the issue came after I applied a shirt! But it didn’t stop me from progression tell the portrait screen!


Seems to be a shader issue with running Character Display Settings > Physically Simulated Cloth and Hair, and text quality set to High.

I’m running EVE via the Mac client!

I tried lowering the settings last time, and it didn’t do anything. Might have been the fact that it broke on the design side.

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