Character Creator Question


Very new player here.

How do I update my character ?

I dress my character and take a picture but somehow it reverts or never updates.

Do I need to buy like a character change item ?
Is it Omega Only Feature ?

There’s a bit of a known glitch with character creator / customization at the moment.

You’re probably doing it right.

Dock - Items of clothing in the Item Hangar - Character Customization button - equip clothes, pose away, save changes etc

It can take a few session changes, a few ticks of the server, a dock or an undock or a log off and on again or simply a few hours for the changes to show up, even on a good day.

At the moment, blank avatars etc seem to be rife and came with one of the recent patches.

You don’t need to buy anything and it’s not Omega only.