New Clothes not Updating on Picture

I’ve recently updated my character’s profile picture in-game with new items of clothing etc, but it seems that it only updated my picture on my client.
My profile image, unless you go onto the full body picture, is my old design and it doesn’t seem to update for other people/other accounts on the same pc.
Anyone had a similar issue?


The image on the server can take a while. I think it will take at least one downtime.

It’s been quite a few days so far

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The image of your avatar, which others get to see, gets rendered separately and on the server, from which it is then distributed to other clients. If it takes too long then maybe try a support ticket and ask what’s going on.

I have had this issue on several accounts. I lodged a support ticket and followed it up with a bug report on advice from the support ticket. It is true that it’s taken a lot longer than usual - through many downtimes - to change the portrait.

Here’s my latest update. I had created a couple of new characters and then reclothed them. Only the original portrait had saved for the purposes of outside applications like zkillboard and Neocom II (or for these official forums and on the account page). I had also changed the look of a main character and this did not update at all except in game. The next day, this had defaulted in game back to the old portrait, but entering the character creator revealed that the new version of the character clothing and pose was still stored in there.

I started another new character and this time, because I was looking at the new player tutorial etc, I played it for several hours in a row without logging off. The pose changes I had made after creation now saved and appeared in other apps.

I tried this with all other characters including the stubborn one (which had not changed at all for two weeks) and after leaving the character logged in continuously for several hours, the portrait updated across in game and third party apps.

So you might try saving your changes and leaving the character for a while logged in. If there is a delay or problem with the way avatar changes are saved, it’s likely to be fairly low priority.

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What he/she (above me) said.

You need to sigh-out completely and log back in again for the forum avatar to update. it caches your profile picture.

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There has been some issues with it. If you redo your portrait it usually works.

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