Portrait not updating (several days)

I think it was 2 or 3 days ago that I changed something on my character the first time. The hair if I remember correctly. It did not show the change immediately but there was some delay (like 2 hours or something) in the past, so I did not pay attention to it. Yesterday I checked again and still the change did not show anywhere, except in full body view. Yesterday I changed the background too. Until now I still see the portrait I had 3 days ago, before any changes. In full body view I can see the changes.

It does not bother me too much, I am just curious if I am the only one with that issue and if there is a solution.

So either:

  1. caching in the client
  2. slow change on the image server (I don’t think so)

In terms of using the forum, if the portrait you are seeing here is the same as in game, hit Ctrl + F5 to force a redownload of images (and ignore browser cache).

If you see a different portrait, then also clearing the client cache will probably change it.

If it’s the same, then there may be something with the updates to the image server.

For reference, this is what I see when grabbing your portrait from the image server:


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Thanks for the reply. This is the same picture that I see ingame. Hair got changed a few days ago, background got changed yesterday. Could you maybe check if the hairstyle is different if you click on full body view in the game?

Yeah, so definitely looks like the image server isn’t in sync with the game. In game full portrait is different:


But the normal portrait (which is pulled from the image server) is still the old one.

I can confirm the issue.

I am not that fussy about it but 5 or 6 days after realizing I just focused in the matter and found this post (after cleaning cache, reinstalling, and cleaning windows exhaustively… mmm maybe i’m a little fussy). Happened in, like, 4 alts (not this one). And i changed clothes and hairstyle and accesories, still the same profile pics :confused:

ps: sorry about the english, is not my native lang.

Lets hope CCP will not remove avatars and force everyone to use ship images, because they have to maintain avatar system like they used to maintain removed already CQ.

Images on the forums can take a little bit to update, but never more than a couple hours or so.

If refreshing your browser cache didn’t work then I would try to log out of the forums and then back in. That usually also does the trick to get the new image as well if it doesn’t update on its own.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I am sorry ISD Yumi, but I feel like you did not even read our postings before replying. No one is talking about forum images. So I cannot see how refreshign the browser cache is helping here.

It is about the ingame models and pictures and as a consequence of that, yes, the forum images may also be not up to date.

I have been on holidays for a feq weeks. Now I am back and my character pictures are still not up to date. One very odd thing I experienced is:
When I logged in the first time in the peicture in the upper left corner the background and hair was changed. Also the picture in the info panel was correct. However when I clicked on that picture to see the larger version it showed the old one in that bigger window. One day later (yesterday) I logged in again just to see that all pictures are now again the old ones that Scipio Artelius posted.

Just to make sure, please do not advice me to clear my cache (ingame or broswer), restart the client or wait a few hours/days. That has been tried already. Will Rainor says he also reinstalled the game. so that is not a solution either. Any other advice is much appreciated.

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Same thing is happening to some of my accounts. I’ve created the character for more than 2 months now, and still I cannot see the portrait on my account. Even when I am searching it in Zkill or In-game.

Already cleared my game caches and reinstall the game. Still same issue.

I hope CCP fix this. :expressionless:

I was able to fix this now. When you are dock up, just click on the Character Customization then just recapture your portrait again. Probably take 4 pictures then log off. After a few mins, it will update.

It worked on my 2 characters. :smiley:

I can only see my potrait in game, however, it doesnt show up on these forums, ZKill, etc… Solution??

I can see your portrait now. even in zkill

Yeah i had to re-do my potrait for it to show.

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