Personal portrait ( in game )

Ever since the update I haven’t been able to change my portrait in game. I’ve been trying for two days but it reverts back to the old on after around 30 mins or so. I don’t have any clue why this is the case. Thanks for your time.


Can confirm having the same issues, bug report submitted.


Same issue

Same issue, I’ve submitted a bug report as well.

This is annoying, I’ve spent some time on that portrait and now I’ll have to do it again. :frowning:

Usually after some time (30 minutes?) I noticed my portraits were enhanced a bit (anti-aliasing?), but now after that time my portrait reverted to the old one.

Usually during this time between portrait creation and this enhancement step, rightclick ‘capture portrait’ still captures the old portrait, but that’s normal. I guess that only after that ‘enhancement’ step the portraits are uploaded to the database where they then get pulled from when people call upon that portrait with rightclick ‘capture portrait’.

But now it seems that last step seems to have gone wrong. Enhancement broken? No upload to the database?

Either way, my alt has it’s old portrait back.

hmm, changed mine, lets see what happens.

Edit* Mine reverted back as well. submitted a bug report.

Didnt find any information from googling so came to the forums to start a thread about it, misery loves company. Glad it wasn’t just my game, submitting a bug report now

this was just something recent, probably from the last patch when they were screwing with the character creation…

Edit: I did as a CCP dev asked and cleared my cache per instructions.
When I went to change my portrait… while what the game sees is my old one. Saved under customization, was the new portrait, but I did see it change throughout the game…

This time, I chose to Log out and to log back in after a few minutes to see what changes:

and i see the new portrait on the character log in screen

Not working for me unless there are some specific instructions I am missing?

well ■■■■, disregard that last post from me… its back to the previous portrait again.

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I’ve been having this issue too, along with it reverting my chat channels and any overview changes at each login.

If I stay in game long enough, the profile pic resets on it’s own. If I go back to the character customization screen my settings are all still there, but I need to take a new photo. Seems to last about 2 or 3 hours.

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You might want to add this to the initial post:

This is how it works:

You design your portrait in the game. When you’re done, the game uses a screenshot of the portrait created in the game. Only you see that, everyone else sees the old one.

The server now renders a high-quality portrait based on the new inputs, which at some point gets pushed to your client and everyone will from then on also see the new portrait.

I don’t recall this ever reverting. During the Kronos expansion we had to often wait longer than that for the server to finish, because so many people kept updating their portraits. It made CCP actually improve their systems to deliver faster.

That’s all.

This step seems to go wrong. After the high-quality portrait is or isn’t rendered, everyone will then see the old portrait again.

At least, that was the case when I did it last week. Does anyone have an update whether this issue is fixed yet?

I tried what ccp suggested and my login screen changed to new, so did game, but it reverted back. The new patch ■■■■ ed it up

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Not fixed

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i replied back to my bug report, but i’ve yet to get a response back… i could really care less about the portrait but this is irritating that it’s not working right.

I can live without a new portrait for my alt for a long time.

But it seems this portrait issue is an issue for new characters as well. I’ve been to rookie chat and every single rookie of 5 days old and younger has no portrait at all.

Maybe it’s only on my machine that I don’t see them, or maybe it’s a coincidence that newbie portrait generation has started breaking from the same day this thread was posted, but I guess something is seriously broken with the portrait generator.

CCP, are you aware of this bug?

i’ve made but reports and they’ve responded, i don’t think they are grasping yet that the latest patch butchered it some how

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This isn’t just effecting the portraits, though, it’s also the chat channels, overview, and neocom.

Every time I log back in with my alt, all my neocom shortcuts are gone, my chat channels are reverted, and my overview goes back to the way it was.

Maybe some of you guys should test this to see if it’s effecting you, too. Try adding a new shortcut to the neocom, joining a new chat channel, and making a small change to your overview. Then log out and log back in again to see if it’s kept your changes.

EDIT: Nevermind, just logged to find the overview/UI issue seems to’ve stopped being a problem. Portrait is still resetting itself though.

When I sent some ISK to @Mike_Azariah about 20 min ago, it shown his portrait, but mine was blank

Same here. Spent currency on a body resculpt TWICE to get the right portrait, all so this bug can revert my portrait back every single 30min or more. I really hope to God this will be fixed and they won’t just ditch the portrait system. One of my favorite aspects of Eve is making your own face.

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