How do you get a Portrait now?

Old returning player decided to start fresh with a new character. Solo a bit build up some skills then find a corp to join.

I tried everything to get a Portrait for my character. I’ve gone to appearance customization 20 times selected 5 different poses etc and hit finalize to have. Nothing happen at all. Looking it up has been absolutely fruitless for me. And this is absolutely infuriating.

Closest I’ve come so far in fixing this was finding an old thread complaining how the portrait system was removed from the character creator. Now that wouldn’t be a big deal if I could still set up my portrait after the fact. Which doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

So not just characters having issues I see.

i think in the create a character, its a basic portrait but you are able to edit it after starting the game, thats what the above topic is referring to… I changed my portrait and it reverted back.

This is still an issue, and EVERYONE is affected. It has been maybe over two weeks now and no fix.

i along with several others have sent bug reports…

As have I.

Portraits are legacy code. If we can’t have walking in stations then there is no sense in keeping them.

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Will prolly get fixed in the next patch.