Portrait issues

I have tryed upadateing my character portrait and it wont stay updated… after i log off or if i wait some time it changes back to old photo

I have cleared cache, reinstalled eve, deleted sheared cache.

Any help would be appreciated

Started a bug report already

Sometimes it can help to wait a day to see your final portrait update.

In my experience it doesn’t happen instantly but seems to go in phases, where the portrait you create now is improved server-side a little later and sometimes accessible for others the next day.

It’s also possible that an older issue (couple of years back?) is happening again and that updated portraits aren’t saved at all, in which case the bug report isn’t a bad idea. Back then the issue lasted days during which no new player had a portrait and none of the updated portraits were saved…

I’d wait a day to see if yours gets updated!

been 2 days … i think i found a way to make it work using eve online in browser mode

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