Character Editor and Resculpt shakeout

The issue number one is shoulder bug which was reported few years ago and isnt fixed yet. Issue number two is hidden attribute of complexion which may be set or may not be set when you use randomize appearance, and will alter your character dramatically. If you dont know about this option you will have 100% uglified character. What leads us to the main concern - Resculpt isnt free.
Now i wish to know one thing - Why we must pay for this mess? Will this scam ever end?

If you at CCP don’t care about this, just let me know. I will not bother you anymore. I’ve used many options to communicate to you, but all my efforts were futile.

Let me get this straight:

You paid for a character resculpt, randomized your character and are complaining that your (randomized) character has features you do not like?

How is this problem caused by the game?


Recommend contacting support, they may be able to assist -

Not the features I don’t like, but the ones that work in ways that aren’t obvious. You may not notice your facial type (complexion) until it’s too late. And to reveal how it works will cost you real money.

With all due respect, I’ve already done it. I’ll submit a ticket once more, but I don’t think this will help.

But why would you accept a randomized character without at least checking all the possible options if you care at all about how your character looks?

Look, I get it, pressing ‘randomize’ is a fantastic feature for people who don’t want to spend time on their character and are content with whatever the randomizer gives. It’s also useful as inspiration for players who do want to adjust their character after pressing the randomizer, because you can then adjust the randomized character more to your liking. But if you do care about specifics of your character, it’s up to you to adjust the things like complexion, facial structure or skin colour.

It looks like you made a mistake to choose the option ‘I do not care’ when you did actually care how your character looks.

Luckily you can pay for a character re-sculpt to correct your mistake!

I already answered your question. Read my comment above one more time.

If you didn’t even notice your character’s wrinkles when you made the character, is it really an issue?

Support portal doesnt work properly. I cant even get to the ticket form. Is there any way to inform devs about this?

If your having trouble with the support page, you can email into from the email on your account and it will create a ticket for you.

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