Same Game Ver and Patch?


Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.
Me and my girfriend did just download EVE and started it up first time.

We wanted to do it all together but the game menu is not the same on mine vs hers.
We have two win 10 PC’s and game Ver and patch are the same. Fresh install.
But they do not look the same??

The link to the photo here. You see my screen vs here screen. setp by step clicks.

I am confused , thanks for any info.

CCP is experimenting with a new character creator UI. About half of new players get it, and half don’t. The game is still completely the same otherwise.

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Please reference the following thread: (New) Character Creation System is absolute garbage (Pictures inside)

In the thread, CCP Aurora acknowledges that CCP is conducting A/B Testing in relation to a new character creation system. New accounts are randomly assigned to one of the two systems. It is not possible to change between the two systems, so if you don’t get the one you want, too bad. CCP is in the process of “dummying out” bloodlines as an attribute (this is evidences via other in-game changes), so you’ll notice in the new character creator that a character of any race can use the facial structures and corresponding eye shapes and facial tattoos of any other race/bloodline. So an Amarr character can have Minmatar facial structures and tattoos, for example.

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Ok , Thank you.
It was very confusing to sit in the same room but diffrent look on the screen.


Best of luck to both of you in the game! :smiley:

Please feel free to ask more questions! Google is also a good source of info.

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