(New) Character Creation System is absolute garbage (Pictures inside)

When CCP tries something new pertaining he NPE they often do it RNG based. Some new character/accounts get it, others not.

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Thanks for the update and looking forward to hearing more!

While I completely understand A/B testing the NPE in general, I hope also this feedback from experienced players will also be taken into account in this case. New players cannot know what about EVE’s background would be relevant, because they do not know the lore (yet).

An A/B test on new players stating they prefer the less lore oriented one cannot lead to the conclusion background info is not interesting, especially when there’s other UI changes in the new one too, so you’re not testing that specific change. It would be like letting newfrens pick between a Drake and a Tempest based on looks only, without any information, and then concluding players prefer flying battleships.


Lol no they dont.

As long as its legal to create a character called “Alt Number 156” without a bio and many cases face, then what purpose does any of this serve?

One thing is that the default corp system was changed, probably since bloodlines dictate the now free for all facial options, people who would drop to The Scope or Aliastra now drop to their starter corps, fun times…

I refuse to go to Uni again that is why I will never leave my corp :sweat_smile:

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In my opinion all the recent changes to Character Creation is simply another step to ‘dumb down’ the game, just like all the other changes done to the game over the past few years. Makes me wonder if there’s an issue with server space…

Obviously CCP doesn’t understand the old saying ‘If it’s not broken, don’t mess with it.’

Sad thing is they just end up making it worse while attempting to make it better, then eventually they decide they’re done messing with it and say they’ll iterate on it later. Course that rarely happens because then they’re too busy messing with something else.


Funny, the same thought crossed my mind. What else could be a valid reason to eliminate bloodline data from character sheets ? Then, on the other hand, how many bytes does it take to store a variable that has exactly twelve possible values in a fixed dbase field.

However much I appreciate @CCP_Aurora going through the trouble of finding answers and reaching out to us, the few things she was allowed to convey to us do not answer any of the questions about bloodlines i.e., character immersion.

More and more it seems like “stuff” is being borrowed from another platform that has lower capabilities and fewer computing resources (yes, EvE Echoes on smartphones). It is visible in UI elements, in mission sites, and now possibly in the character creator. Could it be that development efforts across platforms are becoming the norm, which will almost inevitably lead to the “dumbing down” of the original, EvE Online. I’m not into wild theories, this is an impression I have from 18 months of observation, is all.

And coming back to my earlier (exasperated) question about the obvious stuff not getting fixed at all in my exchange with @MB_ThePhotographer, I may as well give a possible answer - one I’ve seen often. It is far sexier and fulfilling to work on a shiny new project after a few nice brainstorming sessions and sales pitches to management than it is to engage in no-brainer fixes, however much those are needed. That is also a reason why bugs pile up after each new release and why poor decisions are never revisited in a timely fashion - if at all.

But there is always a time when running a business that the choice between keeping your creative collaborators happy or your customers happy becomes critical. Ideally there shouldn’t be a choice, the “or” should be an “and”. In practice however it forces itself upon the decision makers because of all sorts of constraints. This year of “famine” and economic/financial turmoil in the game, combined with at times quite annoying changes (drones, cores, dots, extra taxes, limits on buy/sell order changes, …) could be a determining one. EvE has survived by the grace of very loyal players who may be rather conservative in their views. Without them, I believe, the game has no survival chance, it just doesn’t have the fast consumption quality of other games and will never match up to those (the very thing that keeps us here).

Not sure I need to apologize for my critique. I care about this game.


RANAAAAA :smiley:
Merry Christmas in case I don’t catch you before. :slight_smile:


this was on Talking in Stations to


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i feel sorry for you, having to deal with smart ass comments from devs and trying to make the best face on it…but for you it’s a belief they’re actually being serious.

I’m pretty sure that the only people PA is concerned with keeping happy are the investors.


Rumour has it that the game is hilariously broken and CD Projekt Red are offering refunds; console players may be screwed though, Sony are saying nope to refunds based on their own refund policy.


The game have indeed its set of bugs and bad designs, but were not really gamebreaking for me. Its just nothing few patches cant fix eventually. Like crowds reactions or police spawns. But fighting is very good and its a lot better than all the Deus Ex games I think.

It feels like Skyrim considering open worldness, and like Deus Ex considering RP and game mechanics, but the originalDeus Ex one of course improved a lot in skills and progression.

while it was here a point with the different clothing options…

may i sugesst we can have all clothings from all npc factions to all players?
i know the clothings are also a faction style thing but it makes no sense my caldari char from 2 scools cant use the same color jacket^^ and if i am a religios converted minmatar cant use the amarr robe :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s.: and some day all shoes from all times for us also the old high heels from fanfest x years ago with sharp textures pls;)

p.p.s.: for some players its not forgotten CCP promised a place where we can see and use our 3d charmodels in the game (or log in screen?) new opportunities to sell pets for plex and new furniture and paint für the walls :wink:


If you have a Facebook or Google account, you’re already a lab rat for free.

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