What race are CCP characters supposed to be in-game?

I am assuming they are Jovian but am wondering if there is any lore or information behind what race the CCP characters are?

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Various, depends on their role. They used to be Jovian early on, but nowadays their main representation ingame is Concord Officials.
Live events can see them pick various roles depending on the Live Event requirement, but then they aren’t really representing CCP but rather whatever faction they need to represent for the event.

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They were Jovian.

But there have been no news from Jove for a looong loong time.

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Space game, so Orks, ya git.

–Gadget duz lik sum krumpin’.




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The human race, since all race’s in eve came from humans originally :]

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This is part of my problem with the avatar system. (As well as the bland tastes of the “artistic vision” of the current art director. If the art director were a spice, he’d be flour.) It’s just not near as cool as the old one. The old stuff had crazy flavorful sci-fi. Now, who cares. It’s identical faces, Amish haircuts, and identical leather jackets. @art_director, shaders are supposed to be tools to create art, not a substitute for art.

So yeah, the original art director had CCP as jovians. The current doesn’t care as long as it’s grimdark a decade after grimdark has gone out of fashion.


It’s somewhat difficult to create avatars for 100,000 playerbase that are unique. You have nostalgia-tinted glasses for the “old times”, what I remember is every male was the ugly Achura (for the stats) and every female was the Gallente blonde with the transparent plastic hair-visor.

On in character terms, CCP doesn’t exist in the in-game universe.

If we ever do need to go in game, then we’re generally under the guise of “CONCORD”.


There was a jove facial modification in the game some time ago, in current character editor. It was a bug on sisi. One of modifications resulted in someone looking like that:



Would be a great option to have in Character Customization.

So you’re saying if I want to start an in-game cult that worships Guard, now I can’t roleplay it :\

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Well, considering the characters in EVE are of human origin and humans generally look boring…

Its hardly surprising :stuck_out_tongue:

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The old one had a small number of choices and, if memory serves, the only “customization” was deciding which background and lighting your choice would have.

Everyone that picked whatever bloodline would pick from a small number of non-changeable images of that bloodline.

Now? Anyone willing to spend the time can come up with a huge variety of basic looks for any given bloodline and gender, backed up by the number of different hair styles and colors (including facial hair for males), clothing options (leather jacket entirely optional, but even those come in at least three styles and mutliple colors for each), and finally the piercings, glasses, tattoo, and/or scar options to finish things off.

Even if two people chose the exact same base look for their character, their other choices can still make for two very distinct visuals for their respective characters.

Not to mention still having lighting and background choices, only now with one of a few poses, camera angle, and camera distance thrown in to the mix.

Not saying that the current fashion choices couldn’t be expanded or generally improved upon, but they are a still a vast improvement over what was here before.

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My character, CCP Explorer, is Caldari Deteis and is in the C C P corporation, which is in the C C P Alliance.


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