Why resculpt isn't free?

Really. The character editor is damn ugly and poky in comparison with others, it takes a lot of time to find out all his hidden ‘features’. It takes more than hour to create a good looking character, but even so you are not garanteed from failure. And to have an ability to fix that failure you need to pay about 700 million isk per try. It’s obvious a robbery! Why shall i pay to you if you’re not able to create clear and effective editor? Why shall i wait another year for you to grant me another free resculpt? Resculpt i need to wrestle flaws in your software.
I have two broken chars thanks to this tool of yours, and i’m not alone face-to-face with this issue.

Yes It’s very limiting I can’t role play as a fat neckbeard either

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Because it is. CCP makes the game and sets the rules.

If you want to ask a policy change to be considered, feel free, but a rant like this won’t get you far.

Because playing with paper dolls is profitable.

CCP gave up caring about the character models once they scrapped their efforts to make the World of Darkness MMO. But they realized that it’s still profitable to let people dress up their mannequin for their pilot’s license photo.

That’s why most of the clothing comes from the PLEX store. And why they think the 16 year anniversary, or pouring hours and hours into Project Discovery, is worth receiving a free ball cap or t-shirt.

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