Bring back the Incarna update!

CCP was working on a lot more stuff at that time then just Incarna.

Mainly they were switching their code over to Carbon Tech. Also the Dev team was split up because CCP was working on 3 different projects at the same time. Lastly they rushed to get the expansion out and because of that the Minmatar Captains Quarters needed to be optimized after release.

I agree, there wasn’t any actual content implemented with it but that was supposedly being worked on and would have been added at a later date. What made it fail was CCP abandoning it due to constant opposition from a specific group of players.

Those who didn’t like it didn’t have to engage in it. But oh boy, they sure did have lot’s of time to spend here in the forums constantly posting ‘Spaceships Only’ crap instead of actually being in-game doing what they claim they wanted.

And it’s still happening…

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Space legs does have potential in EvE: bars, table games, meeting rooms, walking inside derelicts / relic sites and so forth. Maybe some kind of small arms gameplay. Most if not all these things were planned, but they never got around to finishing it.

I’ll admit tho, that the novelty of it might’ve worned off quickly anyway.

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And here you are … many years later, still whining about the ■■■■■■■ CQ and your dolls being removed.


I bet every one of you whiny ass hats that complain about doll ■■■■■■■■ never play anything else than EVE. Because to you Doom Eternal or Last of us or such games that have charters in them is playing with dolls that how you retarded argument sounds like.

EVE has always had character customization because you take on the role of a pilot that can control allot of ships.

The Walk in station would not be anything about dressing up dolls or such it would add charter and immersion to the game to be able to walk in the station to walk up and by your guns or ore for an npc that would make ■■■■■■■ sense.

Dust clearly showed eve is a world more than just space ship it´s about humans being well humans killing each other over resources and what not.

Even clear sky shows that eve is more than just some diffrent shaped boxes of metal.

I loved the captains quarters it was nice to sit there in the sofa and talk with people or go to your hangar and see how massive your ships was when standing next to them. It all added another level of immersion to the game.

So you sorry lot off ass hats can keep sitting in your pixels no one is going to take them away from you.

But adding thing to games never hurt as long as it make sense nearly every damn space game today is about space and space ships but still allow you to talk around with your charter because that who you are.

So if you shall go to your idea idea we better remove charter creation and instead of a charter portrait add a picture on your pod.

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It really isn’t. For games to be barbie games they need to attract a certain audience, which this one doesn’t. Outliers exist, but they’re a sub group of the usual crowd. Barbie games are for people with severe cases of escapism. They need an avatar and emotions. They need walking, dancing, singing. They need running around enjoying themselves, crafting and building. They need landscapes to explore. They need to be able to be their character.

What they really don’t need is the experience EVE provides. Being afraid. Being tricked. Scammed. Stolen from. Made fun of. Humiliated. Betrayed. Ganked. They can’t handle that. If they could, they wouldn’t need to escape.


Small arms gameplay.

Exactly. Half a game.

The bars and meeting rooms would have been interesting for a while, but with no actual gameplay it would get old fast.

It’s the equivalent of manually piloting your ship to the hangar bays of stations before pressing dock, which obviously no one does more than a few times because it gets old fast.

So you manually fly your ship to entrances before docking?

Why not? It’s immersive.

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Well I manually fly and dock every time in Elite dangerous heck I even have to manually aim also. But maybe that´s to much work for majority eve players they rather sit on their lazy fat ass orbit hit f1 and just sit there doing jack ■■■■ until everything is dead. No manual docking that would kill me because I need to ■■■■■■■ play the game HELP.

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I disagree. I used it once and never went back. CCP made the right decision throwing that garbage out.

Which charter are you talking about? the Atlantic Charter perhaps?

Good riddance.

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Maybe add an ‘Angels Fall First’ gameplay to the station. Have to fight your way to your ship. :smiley:


Yeah, not impressed. Now if he’d been talking about the original “Elite” then yeah nuff respect.

As for avatar gameplay, the only way bars and meetings will be interesting is if the small arms option comes into play, and I’m not talking about interacting with NPC actors.

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Oh I played original Elite I played allot of the old space sims and new ones. Favorite is freelancer.
So don´t be an ass hat.


Freelancer was, sadly, never finished, what Chris Roberts promised and Microsoft delivered are two different things; the promise was somewhere between Elite and Eve and if he could have delivered it in full he’d probably have set the standard for the time.

Sounds familiar …

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I miss WIS I really do, used to love sitting on that couch in the captains quarters. walk up the gantry nip into my sapceship undock shoot some ■■■■ then come back after a hard mission to that comfy lovely couch. Those were the days maybe CCP could re-visit at some point in the future, maybe after they sort all that old spaghetti code out.

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Yeah but man do I love freelancer the story is great even if a bit cheesy. But man I have a few 1000 hours on multiplayer especially with mods like Discovery or Xfire 2.0.

I’m pretty sure that everyone who doesn’t want it would absolutely want it, when it provided actually competitive gameplay and the range of opportunities required for EVE. “Barbie games” players don’t want that.

I certainly would not mind sitting in Mos Eisley killing Greedo by shooting first, without Greedo subsequentially coming to the forums and creating a thread about how the evil, but sexy, z0ra shot his ugly head off. And then stomped on it.

thats because you had to go to your character every single time you docked, i dont need to leave my ship if im doing a 5 sec drop off/pick up on jobs i have to do 100+ times on my transport contracts or every time i get a mission.

some 20000 years into the future and we still cant contact most agents without even having to be docked yet have tech to tech to talk to someone in wormholes where there is no tech to do that per lore…

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But do you do it in eve?

Why not?

bring back interactive login screens / launchers