Cyber-Space Social-Stations, please: pilots quarters return!

Appreciation for the Gnosis Ship

The Gnosis ship in EVE Online is appreciated not just for its versatility and ease of use, but also for its symbolic and aesthetic value. As a player who enjoys shuttling the Gnosis around, you see it as a representation of a spiritual attempt within the game mechanics, aligning with the concept of “gnosis” as esoteric knowledge and enlightenment.

Vision for Enhanced Social Spaces

I am proposing an intriguing idea to elevate CCP Games eve online into a cyber-space social platform!, to enhance the social and immersive aspects of EVE Online by introducing customizable pilot quarters and
multiplayer pub quarters/rooms within stations.

Here are some key points from the vision:

  1. Customizable Pilot Quarters: Each station could feature pilot quarters that players can personalize. This would provide a private space for players to relax and showcase their achievements and style. (in-game furniture or club aesthethics to offices, and water coolers… the Cyber-space in Cyber-space concept may also find data driven alternatives, to pos ownership for private games? virtual quartering pos and station themes even for lore and Trade! large trade market floor for jita?
  2. Multiplayer Pub Rooms: These spaces could serve as social hubs where players can meet, chat, and engage in various activities. The idea is to create a more interactive and community-driven environment within the game. using more character customizations and clone lore… the games cyberspace makes sandcastles online. almost letting custome games exist, or planet surfaces! through station docks.!
  3. Cyber-Space Clubs: Inspired by the concept of cyber-space, these clubs could offer a range of activities such as dancing, socializing, and perhaps even mini-games. This would add a layer of entertainment and social interaction beyond the core gameplay.
  4. Unlocking the Locked Door: oh the disappointment of seeing the locked door in the pilot quarters. Opening this door could lead to new areas within the station, expanding the player’s experience and providing more opportunities for interaction and exploration.(i imagined player owned stations might host player owned quarters, matrix customs or experiences within. say server or http linking?) hoping legitely seamless as a gamer who really appreciates the art more then the execution/performance, commentary wise too) the social platform idea elevates past dust514, as that could happen as well!)
  5. Integration with Avatars/Clones: Utilizing the existing models for avatars and clones, these new social spaces could enhance the role-playing aspect of EVE Online, allowing players to express themselves and interact in more meaningful ways. and styles. animations in quarters for skill injectors or long term stasis, with the gpt5 can ya use that towards the generation of assets?

Potential Benefits

Enhanced Player Engagement: By providing more social and interactive spaces, players may feel more connected to the game and its community, potentially increasing player retention and engagement.
New Revenue Streams: Customizable quarters and social spaces could introduce new monetization opportunities through cosmetic items and other in-game purchases.
Community Building: These features could foster a stronger sense of community and collaboration among players, enhancing the overall game experience. Or may also be some of the most dangerous virtual places to fly through…

(maybe I was just disappointed the pilot quarters, like side door never opened!)
The vision I assumed enhancing the social and immersive aspects of EVE Online by introducing customizable pilot quarters, multiplayer pub quarters/rooms is the compelling idea that I think breathes authentic life back through the sandboxes, possibly offloading some of the customizing to fanbase? like coding a server environment for the station? hosted elsewhere? like linking the resources? might load seamlessly, while docked in station say in tranquility for base game structures.
But please significantly enrich the player experience.
By creating spaces for relaxation, socialization, and entertainment, CCP Games could offer players a more holistic and engaging virtual world.
The customization work you had done, THE HOLODECKS
lets save the holodeck here. POS.

thanks ccp games. been fun.
mabye ill login to a alpha clone and dance around in a carebear station some day. ttyl.
(favourite ship appearances: megathron and gnosis)




i have a disability, yea i ai assist my posts…
i dont post often… what screening behaviour are you on?
i even asked the ai where this topics appropriate… so excuse you… your crowding my thread… I’m mad bro!
you get to chop people down like that now here?
ok, i forgive you.
your jobs too easy. please remove it and this.
if your not idea blocking as is and actually work with the forum.

I don’t care if it’s AI generated. Most of CCP posts feel AI generated. I just want WIS and station interiors.

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Walking in stations is never going to happen. Ever. Might as well come to terms with it.

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Being lazy doesn’t count as a disability…

I have stated before a long time ago, my thoughts on getting out of the pod. I was also shutdown. Welcome to the club. I wasn’t even asking to get out at the station, just want a ship interior. We have massive ships I assume is full of other things besides guns and cargo. Yes, I know it won’t happen, but it wasn’t the devs who shut me down, it was the players griping at me for having an opinion.

So how dare you have any opinion at all!

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You can have an opinion all you want. Everyone does. While being able to walk around your ship would indeed be a neat feature, it would suffer the same fate the Captain’s Quarters did. That feature was removed because only 3% of the playerbase was using it. It simply wasn’t worth the effort and resources to maintain it.

Only 3% of the people used it because it sucked, it sucked because it was illconceived not because the idea of WiS makes no sense.

If done well it would be an awesome addition, the problem is that CCP has a bad history when it comes to doing new things well.


“Retiring captain’s quarters frees up a significant amount of development time that can be used elsewhere to focus on preparing the EVE Online client and the graphics technology used within it for a long and visually stunning future. This allows Team TriLambda to dedicate more of their time to the core of gameplay in New Eden – spaceships, and space.

Like I said, never going to happen. That is straight from the dev blog when it was removed. EVE is about ships in space, not playing Ken and Barbie dress up in stations, or going clubbing in stations, or gambling in stations.

“we removed it because it sucks, wasn’t meant for EVE in the first place and we lack the ability to improve on it”. They could say THAT or just blurt out some bland marketing nonsense hoping that people go accept and agree to it.

Don’t tell us you actually believe marketing nonsense, if so I have the Jira 4-4 station for sale, real cheap too.

As I said, from a development standpoint, it didn’t make sense to continue it. It would have required more resources than it was worth. They would have had to make changes to the core engine of EVE in order to fully implement it.

"The technology behind captain’s quarters was implemented in 2010. Some of this technology was designed in house by CCP specifically for purpose, and some is based on older middleware that we no longer support.

Bringing captain’s quarters up to a standard that would reflect current graphics technology would take roughly 6-8 months of development work, which we feel for the percentage of players utilizing the feature, is not a sensible investment of development time that could be used on furthering the visual side of core gameplay in New Eden.

As explained earlier, the current condition of captain’s quarters means that the underlying infrastructure would need to be stripped out of the client and rebuilt from scratch."

Long story short, EVE is a 21 year-old game with an aging engine. You are not getting walking in stations, or walking around in your ship with the current EVE engine. Period.

So you are ok with using marketing mumbo-jumbo if it suits you. Got it.

I know, right? How dare I support the developer of the game that I’ve been playing for 18 years…

Oh the things we could do with a portable covops cloak and some concealed weapons in a multiplayer bar …

But what would it actually bring to the game ? Immersion in a scifi universe, extra salt and criminal records (if stabbing became a thing, lol), spying, likely some cool visuals. Those were all things that we dreamt about back in 2011 for after the Incarna release. But what would it actually do for a space ship centered game (building and destroying) ? Sure, if devs allow it, we’d finally get a chance to lay our murderous hands on the guys that never undock. That would be a true EvE thing of course, lol. But to make those cool, valuable and in-the-spirit-of-harsh-survival-in-New-Eden elements, you’d have to make a new game entirely to include this, and expand on the hardware.

Having said that, could Vanguard be any opening for this ?

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Hello everyone. Perhaps CCP could start with simple things that go towards improving social contacts. Modernize discussion channels, for example, by rethinking their ergonomics to make them more interactive. A simple example: in the corporate channel (and not in the general premises of course), the inclusion of status messages would be welcome (AFK, do not disturb, doing this or that, …). And why not include a voice communication system despite competition from Discord? Fly safe.

ok, umm typing isnt work then. and medication isnt blood work based disability.
btw adhd is a symptom not an excuse for being an a*hole. (after we finish talking about that)

ADD ship interiors, I once had the fascination of carrying around an erotic dancer just for rp, and like inventory lists :).