A Personal Space

I am writing this topic to offer a gameplay feature.
I am not new to EVE Online and have been actively playing since 2006 and have seen many differences, new opportunities and new technologies that broaden our space perspective in real life: this is the way I, will not say play but simulate, EVE Online.
A Personal Space refers to a structure. A dockable, small and dedicated to a single job like researching or something like this.The main idea comes from “Research Laboratory” and “Experimental Laboratory” structers in EVE Online. Like these, not for a capital ship but for a destroyer, a dockable space structure for example near a planet.
And related to this there will be a new huge economy, not like fuel blocks, these structures shall be supplied like consumer products like electronics etc. which are rarely traded in game.
This is the topic and we will discuss it if it is not nonsense.


What would this add to the game other than fulfilling your personal fanfiction?

I really like this idea a lot. Maybe with it, we can add artifacts or furniture we can buy or find in wreaks and relic/data sites. It would add a huge customization aspect to EVE that just has not been EVE’s strong point lately.

Hello Scoots Choco,
It is my way to play the EVE Online, but we are playing as they design.
Firstly, I have mentioned it might be used as a seperate and dedicated science lab to invent things or, as I cannot design, there could be a need of seperate space like a laboratory or sort of in future.
The main usage of these dockable strutcures will be; they will require consumer goods as they are only traded but has no function in the game. There could be a huge economic perspective with these items such as manufacturing them.
Best wishes and hope you enjoy the game.

Hello John-Will Enderas,
Thank you for submitting a positive idea.
Maybe not to decorate :slight_smile: but to have a place in EVE Online such as an anchored, dockable and dedicated structure near a planet. I have tried to mention this and also economic perspective is above.
All the best and hope you enjoy the game.

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thx, hope your idea passes to the developers o7

Isn’t this pretty much just a POS?

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Hello Xeux,
Thank you for your comment.
As I refer to EVE Online forum this is the explanation of POS;
“Officially, the term “Player Owned Starbase” refers to the entire group of structures that make up a starbase.”
In my point of view or I have tried to mention; if there were a seperated, dockable structure available anywhere in EVE space without a control tower, there will be no need of this topic that I have started.
But why it is needed, you might ask :slight_smile: first thing is first; when you built a Control Tower, which is extremely expensive, you need to play the game by creating a team to supply the tower with fuel blocks and so on. EVE has developed Upwell structures like Raitaru, which I decided not to own because lately it has become a structure which requires a lot of procedures and technical knowledge and so on.
This is the main view of topic; a seperate, dockable, not isolated from EVE Online economically but with functions in future, a dedicated affordable structure serving to a single process and achievable by individual players without controlling a company. When I become online, there are nearly 30,000 players in peak times and 1/3 of these players will buy these structures and will be a huge economic perspective of these individually owned and managed small space bases.
And also it might be highly customizable, in view, type or etc. This is another view.
And last, I think there are more players than me who are interested in not becoming a part of company, but playing for finding artifacts from data sites, even playing and curious to solve the puzzles available in exploring projects.
I hope that I could make a point of view.
Keep enjoying the game and kind regards.

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What about Wardecs, Ref timers and Loot?

Hello “you are evil” (Be sure I am not trying to be :innocent: )
These are aspects that I did not think or design to be a feature, for now I am brainstorming to give an answer.

I have never played EVE Online as a bounty hunter, I mean there are some players who have over million ISK Bounty on the head whom I did not meet nor destroy the ship in a battle.
Firstly, these seperate stations could be hidden to other players or it may vary in the function. After, if the bounty attached player’s ship is destroyed, -this is for for “Loot” section- there could be data chip to be analyzed in the wreckage which is salvagable - we cover the salvagers- and this analyzable data chip may contain the coordinates of the player’s small starbase -we cover and add a a feature for data and relic explorers -
After the starbase’s coordinates are found, this covers your “War Declarations” section, when it is destroyed, you get the bounty.
This is all brainstorming and funny I know. :star_struck:
As the functions and properties may vary, instead of resurrecting in a station, this starbases could be a must and you might resurrect in your home starbase and this covers another aspect. I play EVE Online as a ship trader and I know some players who are leaving the ship onsale in a station and explode their capsule out of the station and instead of taking the journe they jump to emergency clone easily as you are teleporting. To resurrect, certain items might be needed -we cover your “Ref timers”-.
Other functions might be added or more imaginative answers might be, with the information above I did some brainstorming; might be nonsense, funny or impossible.
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I hope you enjoy the game and kind regards.

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