Making different Space

Hello space ship fans!

I remember back in the day were we had different types of space we could fight for not for just bounties in space. I’m wondering if this could make eve interesting again in who lives were. Just like worm holes type of tech needed to build sleeper ships. I’m wondering if this could make you happy to fight over more types of space. I know tech 2 and tech 3 is great but maybe we can get a bit more fun back. At this time all space is the same and you only live by Sec of -1 to -0 space.
I’m not going to pick regions to redesign the space but maybe we can brain storm ideas types.

Different could be listed below.

Bounties - ONLY
Ores - ONLY
Drop Loots - ONLY
Different Tech 2 Loot Types - ONLY
Can’t do Tech 3 as it’s already in WH - ONLY

Mixer of all three

I’m really wondering what types of space you think existed in this nebulous and murky past that no longer exist…

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