More active/living space

hey caps,

these idea(s) are probably as old as eve itself, but even as i played eve in beta 2002 and coming back over 15 years later (with little playing-hours every here and there between) still missing more “living” space. yes, in real, space is more or less dead to us, but u know what i am about, dont u?

gigantic flying space-whales (for hunt rare materials) would propably too fantastic, but i thought about some real stuff for examples occouring unidentifies objects passing by or observing small to huge comets flying by when you gaze through space. or magnetic storms in systems, making d-scan impossible for some hours…just making the universe much more mystic and astonishing at it already is.

wasnt there no attempt to put these ideas into game before?


No one is missing some more envirmental activity?

Yes to more eye candy, no if it affects gameplay unless it’s more thought out with pros and cons.

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