((Into the Abyss)) NEXT ((Life in Space))

Hello Community,

It’s time we look hard at the current space and beyond with hidden stuff. It’s time for some more changes to the game. Here is my list of changes which could make the game interesting and maybe more fun.

These sites would be a static to these solar systems.
–> Removal of belts from bookmarks and allow them to randomly spawn like ice belts.
–> Hidden planets, moons, belts and moving comets (mining ships would have to keep up).
–> New Type’s of NPC’s made after alliance names in game. Shooting some goons NPC would be nice :blush:
–> Current space is way to small, space has not changed for years it’s time we add more types of new systems too roam and take. You may say I don’t want to jump 90 jumps too next big fight? Well with star-gates let’s been over space and make it short for you. Make alliances come and blow up these gates for content.

  1. Yes.
  2. Hidden how? Moving how?
  3. What?! Why?
  4. The vast majority of space is empty. We don’t need more systems that no one is going to use.

Can’t beat the real goons so you want npc goons so you can feel better?


What ?

I’d love to see the ability to activate a filament that leads to an Abyssal mining pocket. The perfect anti-botting solution.

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LOL, about the only thing that makes sense in the OP.

Do you want to make routes shorter by blowing up stargates on the way? Or do you want to be able to manipulate stargates to jump you to the destination of your choosing? I didn’t really get this part…



Both, your a big alliance and their is 100’s of jumps away from one. So you should be able to random point jump (one way trip) or create a gate to pen point jumps to shorten the jumps to the target. Making content for both alliances, one alliance would want to remove the gates, why other alliance would want to get closer.

More buff zones space of null 0.0 and space you can’t been seen on the map.
I would also like to see of WH spawning with less time, like 8 hours max.

Now that’s sounds cool and in a way almost as huge as Apocyrpha - oh wait…


wouldn’t that make botting easier and safer?

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