We Are Open for More Space (Come on In)

Hello eve Community, it’s time we open the brain box to more space in eve online. You don’t like it then please leave feedback. You may say this is bad idea as it add more unless space well let it be more unless space. Someone will use it come day until then keep hunting. One man trash IS others man trash.



J-SPACE (STRU - UNSTRU) ZONES - Space which can be upgraded and space can’t control with sov.
J-SPACE HIDDEN SPACE - Space hidden within J-Space, no one can control it.
K-J SPACE NO GATES - Space on the map with no gates to it, must be wormhole too.
K-SPACE HIDDEN SPACE - Space which has gates and is not book marked but and is not shown on the map.
K-SPACE PLAYERS - Nothing new space which can be upgraded and anyone can sov control.

New rules which should be looked at for security levels and more.

VERY HIGH SECURITY +1.0 - Anyone with below 0.0 security will be denied entry at the gates and all NPC stations. You cannot place player stations in these solar systems as well. The system will also have the largest tax effect on players. Concord is found everyone were their is a bookmark. (Belts, NPC stations, gates, wormholes and more)
HIGH SECURITY +9 - concord reports after flagged,
HIGH SECURITY +8 - black ops cynoing allowed, concord reports after flagged
HIGH SECURITY +7 - black ops cynoing allowed, concord reports after flagged
MEDIUM SECURITY +6 - black ops cynoing is allowed, concord reports after flagged.
MEDIUM SECURITY +5 - black ops cynoing is allowed, mining capitals are allowed Rorquals) concord reports only to gates and stations. Faction police report to everything else which is flagged.
Allows for it’s own set of ihub upgrades.
VERY LOW SECURITY -1 NPC Conquerable stations and allows for it’s own set of ihub upgrades.

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Suggestion: Frame Security ratings as from +10 to -10 and forget decimal system.
Low Security +5 v. High Security + 5 (?) I see what your driving at but -5 v. +5 is easier to understand and I’ll wager easier for programming and game designers. Also does not trash existing game concepts.

Excluding wanted persons and criminals from systems by stopping them at the gates makes perfect sense. The gates can easily act just like real world police sobriety checkpoints. Everything and every one that passes through is electronically identified, transponder checks, cargo scans, identity checks. (To reinforce the story line “NPC Police Stations” should be added to at least high traffic gates and to all gates in key systems. )

Makes perfect sense that parts of space would not be connected by gates which are after all man made and are “obviously” placed to facilitate commerce. Not every road that leads to a river or stream has a bridge.

The idea of Sovereignty is based upon one of two things. A legal system strong enough to enforce legal grants of ownership over a thing or territory. This kind of sovereignty requires a powerful central government able to enforce such claims; or, sovereignty which is derived from an owner who in their own right possess sufficient force and power to hold territory in the face of challengers. If the Universe of Eve is governed by a powerful central government then sovereignty based on law is what you have. However everything I’ve seen about the Eve storyline is that Eve it is an essentially lawless universe where bandits roam freely in the approaches to even the largest cities deep in high security space. The idea of granting or not granting security over uncontrolled or lawless space seems odd and not really in line with the EVE storyline. Sovenrity in “high sec” sure but some where the line disappears and power rules. (Analogy to US history of Westward movement and history of Texas.) ((If territorial sovereignty over parts of space can be granted and enforced then why can’t one sue a pirate in court for loss of property and get an enforceable judgement against them. Storyline disconnect.))

“How many Divisions does the Pope have?” attributed to Joseph Stalin.

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I support this

No capitals in high sec, and sure as hell no safe spaces…

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No 100% safe spaces.

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You’re either safe or you’re not

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That’s like saying it is either day or night.


if you are safe you are safe if you’re not you are not.

there is no middle ground

A valid binary distinction. There is a defined sunrise and sunset, with day and night sitting in their respective sides of the sun.

Now if you were to refer to it as “light or dark outside” that’s different. But realistically that analogy doesn’t hold, because you can either be attacked or you can not be attacked. If you can be attacked, you are obviously not safe. And there is nowhere in Eve that you cannot be attacked. Nor should there be.

I got to wondering why don’t we have more content for fighting base on areas of space? We now can moon mining in empire, I think that was a great idea for both miners and these who want to pew pew their moons for content.

I do agree with keeping capitals out of high sec sections but allowing them in 0.5 systems could make the game interesting with only doing dreads, carriors and rorquals.

you want to play with capitals go to LS or null sec.

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I am more curious why we can collect a pile of marines but we can’t take them somewhere and have them storm the player station for hostile takeover…

There are over 8000 solar systems in Eve - most of them are empty. Subtract Delve and the Forge and the average player density for the rest of New Eden is likely 1/system.

New things to do in the systems we have - absolutely! I’m sure innovative ideas that won’t wreck the economy are most welcome. I personally believe there should be restrictions that encourage different gameplay in different regions of space. If you believe CCP should impose a different set of characteristics on an existing, underutilized constellation to permit new gameplay, I’ll happily support that but we don’t need more space to do that.

Exactly, different empires, different jurisdictions, different rules.

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good news!! that’s exactly we have

What a load of bullcrap.

Please think before posting.

When rorqs were rebalanced they broke the mineral market. Thats when they can be hunted 24/7 and there are very few pilots who use them.

You want them where more players will use them and where they can have concord protection…the only reason to not use one will be because you don’t yet have the sp to fly them.

What the ■■■■ is interesting about that?

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Most people have no idea what that even means.

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Agreed most people don’t have any idea what that even means.

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