Making New Eden more 3D

Hello all, long time eve player here. I have watched as the models in the game have become more beautiful and rich in texture along with plenty of other features. The new stargate additions are great, adding more depth to them and the sec status on the gate is a nice touch.

For me one thing I noticed hasn’t changed a huge amount is the spacebox we fly in, sure we have dust clouds and effects at belts, sites and other instances but I feel the extension of that dust particle effect in a wider range across New Eden space would be really great for immersion and added depth. What I am thinking is a sort of volumetric effect that is present in the solar system you are in, so dust clouds, big stretches of rotating rings around some planets too perhaps and of course just general nebula formations. I know this may be graphically demanding but most gpu’s in computers these days are 2gb+ so I feel most of the eve community could run such an addition. Also making in an optional graphics setting like dust clouds in belts would be required for those still on older hardware.

Anyhow that is what I was thinking flying around space today, so drop in a message as to what you think and would love to possibly even get some thoughts about it from some devs.

Thanks again and enjoy the holidays

Fly safe o/

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It will be pretty!!

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