CCPlease :D (Space Skybox)

Hey guys!! I love Eve and the direction you’re taking the game. Since onslaught released I have been enjoying getting my space groove on.

You guys did a great graphical revamp on stargates and the new upwell structures. You guys are nailing it.

I wanted to ask you, would you guys look into considering updating the space skyboxes to be more vibrant and HD? I have a 4k monitor and I think it would just be the most glorious eye candy for me playing the game. Maybe animated space entities as well? It would be cool if you implemented something like that for all of us to gander at! :smiley: Cheers guys!!



Ships appearance are improved (new Caldari industrials >> old ones), gates graphics are improved, it looks like a lot of stuff had the chance of getting its candyeye update. Continuing would be great !

And since all the nebulaes in the background of every space in EVE are what we see the most (when we take time to appreciate our surroundings), I’d love to see them with a more 2019 look.

Let’s hope !




I can already imagine the crazy EVE players ready to make skymaps of how the stars of New Eden should look from each system. :laughing:

maybe this will be more possible since you’re going to a 64 bit client!! :wink:

If it looks good, it is good. Nothing else matters.

Evil echo, heh.

That already exists. In fact as far as I know every system actually has a slightly different skybox. And if you select one of the show route options it will actually trace your autopilot route between those stars.


This is of course after they finish the ships…

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I’m just throwing ideas out there. I think it would be cool to have “animated wallpaper” space backgrounds. Would be dope.

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Big yes from me.

Also if you could make Amarr space less bright, that would be cool, ty.

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haha. Yea, amarr space is pretty bright, but there are probably people out there that like that space color. CCP can make up their own ideas for this. Just need them to comment on this post haha.

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