New Colour Patterns and Nebulas

While I was / still am sceptical of some of these changes. For example the Amarr Station interior now having green lighting, today I noticed the positive effect on some of the Nebulas in the Game the recent graphics update has.

Especially Caldari Space in general including black rise had the different shapes and forms of the blue nebula barely recognizable previously, they are now much more vivid and clear.

They almost remind me of the old nebulas and lighting, which I somewhat miss.

Now if this warrants its on thread surely is debatable but I would love to see the art style further backtrack its roots.

Inb4 this belongs into player features & ideas … I see this more as general feedback tbf.

Some examples :

The old Nebula I mentioned :

Old Character Art (especially gritty and more unique clothing styles) :

Old Station Interiors (Two of my favorites here) :

While it’s hard for me to overcome nostalgia. Not everything that is new is bad but at the same time changes are not always good changes. Looking at the past and taking inspiration from some of these really unique and cool styles could be a step in the right direction, sure EVE right now argueably has bigger issues than art styles but as I mentioned earlier… consider this general feedback. Also considering changes to game mechanics. Maybe it is worth to look to the past for guidance.


The Arts department of CCP is really top notch. My hat’s off to them. As an artist myself, I really appreciate their work on another level. I think of them when I pay my Omega time and do not regret a single penny spent.


I agree 100%.

Despite a few little issues here and there, the majority of the graphical art is amazing top level work which greatly helps with immersion into the Eve Universe.

Definitely one of the main reasons why I’ve stayed subbed for over 13 years.


The game it too damn bright. Never have I seen space this bright and I DO own a powerful telescope.
It’s pretty, sur, but too damn bright.


turn the ingame brightness down, mine is at around 25%-30%ish and at parts its even too dark.
Maybe monitor settings ?


Ditto. Hurts my eyes.

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This. It’s easy to turn the brightness down if you think it is too bright.

I’ve got one too and I think the EVE skybox would be pretty borimg if it was as dark as the majority of space we see from earth. High sec in the middle of bright nebulae may be relatively bright, but other parts of EVE space are pretty dark.

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There are dark patches, light patches of nebulae and then some of the suns are so bright I’m thinking I should buy an astronaut helmet for the visor :sweat_smile:

Then don’t look into the sun! :sunglasses:

(Have you tried looking into the sun in real life? The ingame suns are way too dark, I can look into them and see flares without using protective glasses!)

Kind of hard to do when your ship is heading that general direction but I turn the cam to where it’s in front of the sun hehe…

I didn’t just try, I looked at it and had spots in my eyes for hours :laughing:

I one-up you, I flew 10km from a sun and didn’t get burned. I could see all the flares and stuff… The experience of a lifetime. Thank you CCP :grin:

Do you not think the 2001 male avator looks like MC Cheddar Bob from 8 Mile??

I was just saying to my missus the other day that how great looks after being nearly 20 years old - the team have done an amazing job!



You really are getting old and bitter … ^^

Everything looks good to me, I haven’t had to adjust brightness level or any other graphics controls so I still stand by what I said earlier, the updated graphics is excellent.

Well, aren’t you a happy camper, Mr.Crimson.
Excellent, excellent… That’s what you say.
I say it too damn bright and not you or anyone else will convince me otherwise… Wait…Maybe Hillmar might.
Where are you, Hillmar ?

why such say a thing on a happy times thread :frowning:

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Guess you weren’t here a few months to 1/2 year ago when the glare from the suns was so bright it was washing out the UI overview.

So yeah, compared to then, this graphics update is definitely excellent.

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I’m not saying it isn’t good. I definitely enjoy the space scenery and have the utmost respect for the sla- sorry - the artists who worked on the skyboxes, two thumbs up for them but… yeah, too damn bright.
The problem is, if I adjust the brightness for space it looks too dark in the stations and when I adjust brightness for the stations it looks too damn bright in space. I just can’t win :sob:

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While I love the art departments efforts and agree that it is visually beautiful, I would offer the follow critiques.

The doubling of the fog effects in deadspace, and belts is very taxing on graphics resources. Personally have had increase of 10-15° C on GTX1050ti. And the fans stay on high when in the vicinity of said effects.

These effects are also persisting when cntrl-shift-f9 is used and no longer gives a black screen.


Nice. I miss the drunk-Chinese-lady-on-the-PA-system at Gallente stations.

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I can one up that.

I can fly my fastest ship right into the sun WHILE staring at it and bounce off!
I can tank the sun!