The nebula effect looks dated!

For the love of ¤#" !! CCP you need to address the Nebula effect! Its way to dated and needs a revisit.
I think Its to dominate and it looks cheap in comparison to space scapes of the more resent produced games like, Elite Dangerus, to name one.

There is absolutely no point in having the nebula smeared all over every system like it is now.
Make space black whit some pretty stars and tune down the nebula effect.
Do it!!


Did you ever stop to think that dominant effect is done on purpose? Those nebula do get less bright, the further away from high sec you get. Why not try that instead of griping over them?


Go to null or WH. If you want to rant about something. At least try to know something about you are telling.

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The nebula effect is one of the things i love about Eve. Leave it be!!! :grimacing:


If anything I say tone down the amount of light shining from the systems sun, especially in Minmatar space. it’s blinding and washes over everything else.

And for the love of Eve, stop having the camera view automatically face the damn sun’s when spawning in space from Stations and Jumpgates. I’ve noticed that happens at least 85% to 90% of the time.

For example here it is undocking from Rens Station:

I was running Skilling Spree task in Frarn at this location within the system:

And this is how it looks in space:

Here’s another shot of the blinding sunlight washing over everything after jumping into Hek while traveling:

Come on, Eve space use to be very beautiful but now most of it is washed out by bright sunlight. This is all recent changes done within a few months or so, definitely wasn’t like this last year and before.

And to stay on topic, the Nebula’s in-game look great… when they’re not being washed out by the blinding sunlight.



they’ll do a skin for nebula’s soon, that’ll solve it for you.

Why do you resent Elite Dangerous?

Not too mention the combination of brightness and nebula is completely unrealistic. Notice the sun rays in the 3rd picture, lol wut, so there is an atmosphere in space now too??

If for no other reason the skins they are selling look like ■■■■ everywhere except Caldari and null.

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I wonder if people know you can hide passive mods hmmm

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I think the lore-friendly explanation for the sun rays and lens flares is the fact that your view is from camera drones that allow the capsuleer to view the surroundings of their ship. Since you are suspended in a fluid inside the capsule that negates the effects of warping around constantly, you aren’t in a traditional cockpit with windows. You are plugged into the ship and have mind control over it, so the only way to see your surroundings is via cameras flying around your ship. So, since the camera drones have lenses, they are prone to flares and impurities adding additional texture to the view.

But the non-lore reasoning is that god rays look pretty.

Lens do not create that sort of effect. Sun rays come from light hitting particles in the atmosphere while other particles are shaded.

It’s not even a design issue, it is a graphics programming error.

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New Eden space is full of aether.

Einstein is wrong on this side of the Portal.

–Gadget explains submarines


Exposed passive modules are fine if your preferred activity makes you overheat often.

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Yea, that’s how high security space looks like. I was a bit bothered by it as well until I left high sec space.

Then I was amazed to find out that we can fly out of those dominant nebulae effects and look at the pretty nebulae from outside when in low sec space, or from a huge distance when in null sec space. In fact, once you’re in null sec space you’ll see that the black emtpy space with some stars that you’re looking for is everywhere. Leave high sec and explore the rest of New Eden!

Agreed, the shadows in the 3rd picture are definitely not a lens effect, but are shadows of an object (ship, rock) that stop sunlight from hitting the particles in space.

I usually see it when I’m mining ice, there seems to be some gas or dust around the bigger rocks. Not to say that’s a programming error, in fact I would be surprised not to find some sort of dust around big blocks of ice in space!

Dust in space != an atmosphere. It could just be dust. What do you think people are doing when they are harvesting gas clouds in space?

Really, you think the effect we see in an atmosphere could be caused by a dust or gas cloud in space?

You do realize there is an EVER SO SLIGHT difference in particle density?

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Having a little Lens flare when up close to the sun is fine, also having a little bit of sun rays showing in an asteroid field or encounter site that’s located near the sun is ok too.

However these screen shots were taken in locations far away from the sun. The amount of light washing over everything is unacceptable. And like I said earlier, wtf is up with having the camera view constantly facing the sun upon spawning in space? The effect from this completely hides the overall beauty of Eve space and quite frankly, it’s distracting and irritating to the eyes when playing.

This type of incompetent programming should not be allowed and the Dev that implemented it seriously needs to go back to school.


Hmm, I’d say it’s less the programming and more the artistic blueprint they’ve got.
I’d like what we see in space to be more realistic* but that wouldn’t fit the Space Opera feel. :wink:

(I’d like the astronomy and planetology to be more realistic too, but… it doesn’t really matter)

Doesn’t matter if it’s programming or artistic rendering, it’s unacceptable and seriously needs to be changed back to how it use to be.

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recently stumbled upon the dust 514 wallpaper of sorts, and it looks amazing, I wonder if they would still expand upon it on PC, if it would be released on it.

In some other dimension of Multiverse maybe it is. :thinking: