Remove the "Atomosphere" Shadows from Space

When you see a nebula from a distance it looks red. But it would not make items look red if you were in the “cloud” and close to those items.

This is because the cloud is very very thin, looking across the entire cloud you get a tint; over short distances there are not enough particles to cause a tint.

This makes many of the cool ship skins, look like ■■■■ in space.

Really sun beams in space?

Worth noting I believe these screenshots are from your fav place, the abyss pockets. The ambiance is a little different in there and the scenery is amazing the way it is.

Technically it is the char select screen :slight_smile:

But you can see these kinds of shadows in EVE as well.

The devs must think these shadows are cool, the April pic is pathetic.

Volumetric shadows are what you get when you’re in a dusty environment. What I don’t understand is how a filter (nebulae) which turns the light that’s passing through it red, doesn’t make everything inside also look red.

Can you explain how light, shining inside a red nebula, won’t make everything inside look red-ish?

Also the pics are rather overdone. They’re trying too hard with the visual fluff and it’s hurting quality. Oh wait, they haven’t given a crap about quality in a good while, considering they’re attracting people who have none. Damn, my fault. Sorry.

Yes I can, from the distance you are looking at an extremely thin cloud, it only looks red after thousands of AU.

But the particle density is so low that looking through a few measly km is not enough to tint anything.

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That makes sense, but the volumetric lighting would indicate that there’s a lot of reddish particles (the dust in between the shadows) all around … which we don’t ever see anywhere else in space, except in specific locations like belts … *sigh*

I’m torn between them using cheap effects (it is a cheap effect, performance wise) for visual fluff and thinking that they’re overdoing it for the sake of “looking good”, like how games abused “bloom” when the technique got famous. Every newer game had bloom everywhere and it was absolutely annoying.

I don’t know. I rather have them add such visual effects than ruining the game.

Isn’t that nuts? The “hey at least they aren’t ruining anything else” perspective is a rather defeated one. :frowning:

At the end of the day… one must suspend disbelief already. It’s a scifi game. Suspending a bit further to add what looks nice is an easy thing for most of us.

Making it look “cool”, much like the game mechanics, is a lot more important for attracting and retaining players, than making it realistic. It’s why:

  • we still fly around in space submarines
  • our ships bank when they turn
  • We reach a top speed, rather than accelerating forever
  • We can be “stationary” in space (relative to a larger reference frame)
  • We don’t explode when we crash into each other
  • Things like railguns are hitscan, even though there’s clearly a projectile going through space
  • You can shoot through one target to hit another


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