Help Make EVE Beautiful


A set of visual changes will be available for your viewing pleasure on the Singularity test server today! Our teams would love to hear your feedback on this before the updates arrive on Tranquility later on.


Do i need to make any changes to the settings of the client or will there be a difference anyway?
it looks like there are lot more stars but need to look at some screenshots to see if it looked like that before :slight_smile:

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This sounds like it would make my potato pc melt


Bring back the colorful neocom buttons fron years back. Brighten everything up again like before. I have screenshots of it if you need them.

For some people those buttons helped make things less confusing in where things were.


No settings changes are necessary for the visual changes to be applied. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

Did increase the settings to max for a bit ignoring shadow, but probably not the best idea my gpu peeked at 84C :slight_smile: my room is 28.5C right now so cooling sure is an issue :slight_smile:

Got some strange artifacts in space in Mies. I’m at Mies V.
Running AMD 21.5.2. AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

14 jumps from Mies going there to check if i see it to, with an nvidia card.

Minmatar space, now with more shades of brown than ever before.


That first picture looks like a planet’s rings and moons to me. I assume the planet is on your back when taking that picture?

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Here is how it looks for me with a PNY P5000 quadro, driver in use
It looks bit like the rings around the planet yes.

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Yes that’s true. Just thought it looked weird, haven’t seen rings like that around planets before. The ones I’ve seen have looked more “natural”.

From what I could tell in frarn, The station looked like it had a bad reshade and everything just seemed a bit off, A bit unrealistic.

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Is that test server too or live server?

Mies VI had a different type of rings around looked bit less subtle, i do see some area in space that is almost white, looks nice but might always have been there, don’t think i visited this system before.

That is on the test server.

I hopped along some planets to see how they looked like. Found one very dark planet that I thought was almost completely black.

I really like the new colours and how much better the skybox looks. I also like how the planet looks.

But I think this planet may be a bit too dark perhaps?

Top picture: screenshot from live at Tranquility.
Bottom picture: Singularity.

What I notice now that I’ve put those screenshots next to eachother is how many more stars are visible in the skybox. Looks great!

Next planet:
Active volcanos on lava planets appear a bit too ‘active’ now - where they used to be subtle bright spots they are much less subtle now, especially when zooming in. The flicker is a bit annoying.

Another lava planet, another time it’s maybe too dark?

Another planet, really love how it looks!

Another comparison, live (in planetary industry window):


And one piece of feedback that is not related to the new changes but could be a nice change nonetheless, could you improve the textures of some planets? This ice planet has the same issues as on the live server, that it looks fuzzy and a bit pixelated. Is it possible to improve that? :smiley:


Space without the darkness of space, it’s like you’ve just crank up the brightness and saturation because moderation is not cool. This is it though, all the new players will stay now and with the ‘Lost you ship? Get daddys credit card’ message I think we’re on to a winner.


from devs that making eve experience uglier.:smirk:

Systems are a little too bright, seems oversaturated at times.