New sky boxes, new environments

More like a thing to consider.
Don’t You think current sky boxes (nebulas) are way too long in game? Also that poor number and variety of them, they’re dull, too flashy and too bright overall, especially in HS, not to mention in 4k resolution times their quality is rather bad…

Game could get really new breath with new nebulas and i mean a lot more of them.
Adding to this that now with abyssal space tech we could bring some more variety, cosmic anomalies and weather into new eden. But not permanent per system, rather changing from time to time, it can be only visual stuff nothing more really needed but maybe they could even add local effects (not only nerfing but also giving new opportunities like few days magnetic storm in system in which AB and MWD can’t be used but also overheating dosn’t damage modules - idea only for showing what i mean).

For years and years we see EVERYday the same picture in sky box… One change like that can renew eve for all players.

The important thing to remember about “the sky box” is it’s correct. Each star is correctly positioned and coloured as it would be from your view point. Accurate enough for astometry. So if an event occurs - such as a star going Nova (Caroline’s Star as I recall) then you can measure and derive which star it was and where in New Eden it was.
All the jump gates correctly point at their target systems. The nebula change by viewing angle or location. There isn’t limited set of sky boxes; flat graphics on a virtual wall - there is just “the whole of New Eden” shown on screen.

Spectacular. An amazing thing when you understand what it actually is - I’ll give CCP full credit for that one.

Glorious. Unless you are the kind of person that looks at the night sky and thinks “I know what that needs: more swirly bits”.


I’m 99% agains this. If you are bored with your suroundings you should move around more. I persobaly like the curent state of things as one is able to tell right away from a video or an screenshot where it was taken. I’ve also come to consider certain nebulae as home, its a really welcome sight when comming home from along jorney.

Altho enhancing the curent visuals might be a good thing, as long as its not done on the expence of performance. I’d hate to disconnect during a big fight due to zooming in on part of the grid and trigering the graphic engine to render difrent resolution for the nebulae.

Furthermore if you set route to be shown in space or whatever the option is called the route you set will be drawn between specific stars on the “sky box” not just random ones but the specific stars along your route. In case you put in the time and effort you can learn the star pattern just like you can do so with Earth’s night sky and name each star by recognizing them based on their position in the pattern. :star_struck: :sparkles:

And the line is coloured by security status of the systems the route passes through.

Eve is a staggering achievement - it’s one of the fullest open world sandboxes I know. There are flaws and oddities - but real life has those as well. It’s things like “the sky is real” that are those lovely little details.

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