EvE skybox

Deep black without any colors from radio telescope and maybe more dynamic background stars which twinkle a bit.

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With regards for the twinkling: Stars in the New Eden cluster already twinkle and are not static parts of the background image. If you want a very visible example check the sky in the Ignoitton system. You will notice a very bright star (besides the system’s own star), which is the star of the neighboring system Carrou. I find this a rather elegant solution because you can see which stars you can visit and which are just background noise. :smiley:

Yes that’s true, I would just prefer an option to reduce visibility, because to me it feels like watching to a wall paint with current sky box.
I’m aware stars already twinkle, but maybe if you got a pure black background you can add even more dynamic without making it look the 2 (background and secondary adding) looking out of touch of each other.
But I’m not even sure if it would work like that.

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theres been agruments for a long time over eve being way to bright. I mean I understand the Voyager probe it lit up from the sunlight hitting it still, but as far as Voyager is concerned, its view is dark aside from its own skin bathing in light.

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Yes and no I believe, sometimes when I’m around in heimatar I find it to dark around there for some reason.
One problem I have is watching skins in 3d ship view mode, before you want to buy a skin you want to set all spotlights on the object to look it clear, but when turning around the ship it becomes so dark it’s very difficult especially with heimatar ships since the 3D ship viewing mode simulates the same environment of the heimatar empire.
It could have to with the lighting mechanics of course but it’s to bright or to dark depending on which side of the light you are looking at it.
Also haven’t tried but also don’t want to mess with the screen settings to make it more clear in exchange for more natural looking colors

I much prefer the galactic abstract paintings we have for system visuals over a more realistic black void with stars

I like the visuals which you can see with a radio telescope myself, but I think the current skybox has aged in someway, for me personally I’m seeing a matte wallpaper, I can’t help it.
Either they up date it, which I believe would consume a lot of recources in the background, which I think is the reason they haven’t upgrade it.
Or add a less recource consuming edition as an option which in return can handle more dynamic looking parts, I don’t even know how it works but that’s how I think about it :drum:

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