Station background question - CCP devs or QA, what would stop the polishing and deployment of the old 'Quafe/Pleasure Station' background?

I’ve bandied the topic around before, partially out of a desire for some more variety in station backgrounds. I see we have the graphics staff needed to develop ship skins, so I hope that extends to other graphics?

I understood when the ‘Quafe/Pleasure Station’ background was dropped in preparation for WiS/Captain’s Quarters, but now that has changed. So would it be a massive undertaking to polish up an old background and put it back in a few Gallente stations?

And extending the question, would it be a major diversion of resources to develop a couple of more varieties of station backgrounds for other factions? Again, going off of the idea that those that do the ship skins would have the needed resources for such a task?



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Pleasure stations should be pleasant to look at. Add some holographic exotic dancers too, CCP. Make them huuuge. Also Quafe ads.

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What stops them?

The same reason why they removed the moaning whore from gallentean stations. The same reason why our avatars don’t have nipples. The same reason why they coddle new players and make the game “more accessible” aka “helping people with low attention span, low threshold and a lack of deeper thoughts getting into the game”, which is completely backwards.

The reason? The people from the US of A.


Hu… why?

As near as I can tell, it’s because he doesn’t like the topic?

Unfortunately, dragging an otherwise non-problematic topic down via personal attacks and forum mechanic abuse sometimes works and ideas disappear that way.

But back to the topic, variety is good.

Station SKINs are coming this winter.

Considering that CCP is and has always been an Icelandic company you are full of it.

Soon enough U.S.ians will be the minority and Europeans/ Asians (the non obese players that are not afraid of the human body) will be the majority.

That , at least, will be a significant change for the better in this game even if anything adult will be behind a paywall.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

God I miss this soooooo much…


I’m reporting you to you’re psychiatrist not taking your crash powder is not good. :wink:

i also think its time to update the backgrounds inside the stations, it looks old and out dated… it would not take long to re-design the background and have more of a variety… I would like to see it look more 3D and releastic and some animation too…

For example why can’t you see all your ships in the docking area, instead of your main ship. It would be so much better if you could click each ship and see what the its status is like for example how many kills…

The current background is boring and desperately needs some TLC


Considering that CCP has tons of customers from the US of A …
… and that the people from the US of A are very well known for hating everything natural …
… where nipples cause fake outrages and blowing heads off on TV is fine …

… well, considering that, you apparently have nothing of value to say.

As the rest of the world isn’t as pussified, soft and broken … we can hope for that to happen.

It usually takes “longer,” especially if you’re asking for new geometry. We had endless color variations of ship SKINs, super easy to do, but what you’re asking would occupy the art folks for a while. I think they have been busy with new structure work. That’s not to say station interiors never get overhauled, I’m sure they will at some point.

You would actually be quite surprised.

Unfortunately humanity and society change rather quickly over the years.

Fair point, but specifically it’s only the people of the USA who have a serious problem with their own humanity.

That flying ad projector was cute. :relaxed:

Ther is already a thread with same topic.

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I prefer Americanese, at least for the language.

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