Ambience in stations

Remember when station ambient voices were so vague and alien that it was haunting and mysterious? Now we have carebear voices reminding us about our safety inside all stations? WTF CCP! Where’s the art? Where’s the sense of the unknown? Jbus fk you guys have dragged this game pretty far into carebear land…


Nope, i don’t even remember what EVE sounds like, i get very confused when i hear EVE noises from other players on voice comms, i’ve had sound off since 2004

Crap :point_up: You have me beat. I only turn on sound when camping a gate/wh.

Not in my station. Which setting governs carebear voices? I couldn’t actually find it in the settings panel …


EVE has sound?

Just filling in for others…

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The only sounds that matter are the HP alarms and weapon sounds. Everything else can go get lost.

Ambiance in stations is ok. Can still hear the dark-alien voices and they’ve added the voice for security-something… the atmosphere is still dark enough, it’s New Eden, not Hell.

Oh they added the new station ambient sounds? I really liked them on the test server! They really gave every of the four empires their own distinct ambient sounds.

Too bad I rarely dock at different stations to hear it, all I hear is the same Upwell station ambient sound… And that’s the only interior I see too.

Could we have different interiors and sounds for the different types of Upwell structures please, CCP?

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The main ambience in stations I’d like to change is the lighting. The current lighting effect creates a different color hue and doesn’t portray the actual color of the ship skin.

The light in Caldari stations is really close to portraying the actual color but all the other one’s are way off.

For example, the light in Caldari stations comes close to showing the actual color scheme of the Permaband Roadies Ship Skin on my Minmatar Rupture Cruiser:

And here you can see a big difference in the color of the ship and skin in a Minmatar station:

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Just wondering, is this an issue?

I like that the different stations have a different ambience and lighting is a large part of that. Our ships can now look very different depending on whether we fly next to a sun, are in the shadow of a planet, or sit in one station or another. Why should the ship always look the same?

After all, for a neutral preview we have the ship skin previewer.

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Yes it’s an issue, money is paid for a ship skin as it is viewed in the preview, the expectation is that after being activated, that ship skin will look the same when docked in station.

The station interior docks for the various Factions are all colored differently, there’s no reason to have lighting effects change the color hue of ships when docked.

EVE has sound?

yes, Eve has sounds, the sounds of screaming in Arkham Asylum.

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Maybe a wrong expectation is the issue then.

When I have a white ship, I expect it to be slightly yellow when in yellow light, or have a red hue when in red light. It would be strange to expect it to always look exactly the same white regardless of the circumstances.


Agreed. I don’t have that expectation.

I have several of the most expensive ship SKINs in the game, but when I hang around outside Jita the new neon billboards light my ships up in all sorts of colours from pink, to blue, to orange and so on. I actually think that’s quite cool.

Exactly. This would be very strange and break immersion rather than add to it.


And a black car still shows as black no matter what color light is shinning on it.

The station interior light doesn’t just give a slight hue to the color, it actually changes the color, as shown in the pictures I posted.

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Only matte black. And yes, that’s why black is black. Picking the one ‘colour’ that doesn’t reflect ambient light is not a good example of how all colours shouldn’t reflect ambient light, you know? :yum:

And black is the base color of the ship skin I posted, with accent streaks of blue and orange. It definitely shouldn’t be showing as brown.


No, he is right. The intensity of the colour hue within the filter that is shone affects the look more than it should. Caldari Stations use a blue-white light that is what we perceive as “normal” brightly lit. Amarr stations use a yellow filter, and though harsh is also closer to what normally passes for “lit by a non-coloured source”, even though it is. The red tint in Minmatar and the green tint in Gallante affect it much more heavily. Wierdly, Amarr ships IMHO look best in Caldari stations, but again thats because it ues a filter that makes it look more real.

It entirely possible to have both conditions, by simply increasing the amount of white light in the filter on all stations, but then eh we get into subjective reasoning.

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The ingame skin previewer is much closer to the Minmatar station version than the Caldari station version for the colours in my opinion. At least for the other colours on the hull that aren’t dark.

So maybe your idea of ‘actual colour scheme’ being the Caldari station version is wrong? As there is no neutral lighting in EVE, you will always have some bias to what you think is ‘normal’. For you it is the Caldari lighting, for me the Minmatar lighting looks good.

Caldari is a bit too blue, while Minmatar is a bit more brown. Gallente green and Amarr yellow. Not very surprising, as their entire space and theme has those colour themes.

But the only true ‘actual colour scheme’ I’d say is the ingame skin previewer. And it shows that indeed both Minmatar and Caldari stations each have their own ambient lighting that make your ship look like it’s actually docked there, instead of just a static picture.

Also keep in mind that your monitor colour settings can also have a large impact on the colours you see.